Why should I volunteer for Junior Achievement (JA)?
Our mission is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. We all benefit from students who grow up to be capable, educated citizens, active community members, responsible employees and future leaders. It will be the one meeting you attend each week where you are guaranteed that the attendees are happy to see you!
How does Junior Achievement accomplish its purpose?
Volunteers are the core of Junior Achievement's success! Our volunteers are role models who deliver JA's hands-on activities to students directly in the classroom. Volunteers are able to individualize JA's easy-to-follow lesson plans with their unique work and life experiences, bringing a real-world element to the student experience.
Who volunteers to teach JA programs?
JA volunteers come from diverse backgrounds-- business people, parents, military personnel, retirees, networking groups and high school and college students. We are always seeking support from new companies and community organizations to collaborate with so we can reach more students! 
Do I need expert teaching skills?
Nope! JA will teach you everything you need to know to present our interactive hands-on activities. JA provides a 60 minute volunteer training session, easy to use materials and support to help you have a successful experience. Added benefits of volunteering include sharpening presentation skills and building strong leadership skills.
How much time do I need to commit to JA?
One of the best aspects of being a JA volunteer is the flexibility. The time commitment ranges anywhere from 5–12 classroom visits (depending on the program selected), each visit lasting 30-45 minutes. Our teachers understand that you might travel or attend meetings and will work with you to schedule the day and time of your visits. We also have one day JA in a Day events that are available if you can't fit the weekly time commitment into your schedule.
What tools are provided for me?
All volunteers are provided with prepared activities and classroom materials to ensure that volunteers feel comfortable prior to stepping into the classroom. The orientation (approximately 60 minutes) includes: background of our organization, how we teach, and what we teach. Discussion topics also include student characteristics, working with diverse learners and specific program tips and tricks. The orientations are held at the Junior Achievement office, or JA can also provide a group orientation at your company/organization.
Will I be alone in the classroom?
No. JA is a teaching partnership. The teacher stays in the classroom, providing classroom management, while the volunteer presents each activity. Classroom teachers also offer insight into the class and help out if the volunteer needs assistance.
Can I choose where to volunteer?
Every year, teachers in Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake and Lorain counties request JA programs. You can choose an experience based on proximity to home or work, specific interest in a grade level, or based on the content of a particular program. JA staff will work hard to match you with an opportunity that works best for you. Click here to see the classes that are currently in need of volunteers.
How do I sign up?
Click here to complete a Classroom Volunteer Sign Up form and a JA staff member will contact you. You can also call the office at (216) 861-8080 to speak directly with a staff member. 
What happens once I sign up?
After you select a school and program that is convenient, JA staff will follow up with you to schedule your new volunteer training session. At the training you will receive your program materials, teacher name and school location, as well as valuable teaching tips and strategies to engage students. You then contact your teacher and set up your visits. The JA staff will contact you throughout the experience to support you!
Who pays for JA programs?
Junior Achievement is a not-for-profit organization that is supported by the generosity of the area community. We receive contributions from corporations, foundations, individuals and fundraising events. Here is a list of some of our generous supporters.