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Maureen Brown
Resource Coordinator

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My name is Maureen Brown and I am the elder statesman (or should I say woman!) here at Junior Achievement.  I just celebrated my 14th JA anniversary. I am an eastside Cleveland "re-plant"! My husband and I along with our 2 daughters relocated from the Washington, D.C. area.

It has been a pleasure to work here at JA these last 14 years and I look forward to many more anniversaries. I enjoy working behind the scenes providing support for our Program team.

My favorite

JA memory: I have lots of very fun JA memories, so it's hard of pick just one! My favorite time of the year is the start of the new school year. I love that the new year brings a clean "slate" and along with our volunteers and board brings the possibility of serving another 40,000 kids.

Starbucks drink: Tall skinny vanilla latte. I never venture past "Tall", otherwise my colleagues would find me on the ceiling on my office.

Thing to do after 5 PM: I love to scrapbook!

Amanda Dureiko
Fundraising Specialist

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Hi! My name is Amanda Dureiko.  I was born and raised here on the Eastside of Cleveland.  I graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Child and Family Studies.  I became actively involved in my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, and I was lucky enough to be elected as the Philanthropy Chair.  Through that position I grew a passion for fundraising.  I am so excited to make an impact on the children of the Greater Cleveland Area through Junior Achievement!

My Favorite…

Part of my job: Hearing stories from former JA students of how much of an impact our programs have had on their lives.

Starbucks drink:  Either a White Chocolate Mocha or a Carmel Macchiato.  Depends on what mood I am in!

Quote: "Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."- Babe Ruth

Thing to do after 5pm: Hang out with my family and friends exploring all that Cleveland has to offer! I also love playing Just Dance in my spare time.

Joe Faulhaber

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Hello! My name is Joe Faulhaber and I am honored to be the President of Junior Achievement of Greater Cleveland.  Together with our dedicated board members, incredible staff, corporate and community supporters, I look forward to furthering the mission of JA throughout our four county service area. 

Prior to joining the Junior Achievement team, I had the opportunity to work as a fundraising consultant for Community Counselling Service. In this role, I partnered with a variety of non-profit organizations across the country to help each achieve their specific funding goals. In the three years I spent with CCS, I worked on projects that collectively raised over $50 million on behalf of our client partners. 

The ability to impact real and tangible change is my personal passion. I am excited to return to my hometown of Cleveland and work with an organization that plays a tremendous role in the lives of so many students in our community.

My favorite…

Part of my job: I enjoy connecting volunteers, donors and community partners with thousands of students throughout Greater Cleveland. All of these important relationships further the mission of JA and help impact students and the future of our community.

Starbucks drink: Grande skinny vanilla lattes are my weakness!

Thing to do after 5pm: I love exploring the restaurant scene in Cleveland, spending time with family/friends and am an avid skier and golfer. 

Breanna May
Program Coordinator


Hello! My name is Breanna May. I grew up in Delaware, Ohio and moved to Northeast Ohio when I decided to venture to Kent State University for college. I studied Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and earned my Bachelors of Science in December of 2014. While I was working on my degree, I was heavily involved with different non-profits in Portage County. I decided a few weeks before graduation that I didn't want to be an audiologist, but I wanted to continue to work with non-profits.  I am so happy to be part of an organization that has such a huge impact in Cleveland and to be doing work where you can make a difference in thousands of students' lives.  Plus, I love being a Clevelander!

My favorite

Part of my jobI love being to work with the community of Greater Cleveland. I have met so many different people, and I love seeing how important JA is to entire area that it serves.

Starbucks drinkGrande Iced-Coffee

Thing to do after 5 PM: Go to the dog park with my three dogs and then get some ice cream at Mitchell's with my husband. 

Quotes: "BElieve 
                GOOD In The World."

Marc Malleske
Program Coordinator


Hello! My name is Marc Malleske. Originally from Youngstown, I moved to North Canton for college where I studied Corporate Communications at Walsh University. During my time at Walsh, I spent three years as a member of the University Programming Board (UPB), planning all of the campus events and community fundraisers. In my senior year I was fortunate enough to lead the board as President. After college I returned to Youngstown where I became a Production Assistant with a local wedding planner. I moved to Cleveland in March 2013, where I worked as a Patient Service Representative for Cleveland Clinic. Opportunity knocked when I accepted the position of Event Logistics Coordinator with the American Heart Association and was able to plan the 2015 Cleveland Heart Walk. This was a $1.7 million event with approximately 10,000 attendees! From this experience I fell in love with the nonprofit world and here I am today. I'm excited to be a part of the JA family and look forward to the adventures this organization brings.

My favorite

Part of my jobMy favorite part about working at JA is witnessing the tangible results of the donors', volunteers', and staff's efforts in the students' experience. 

Starbucks drinkTall Pike, room for cream.

Thing to do after 5 PM: I would love to say that I spend hours at the gym training for a triathlon or something but in actuality I'm posted on the couch enjoying a good Netflix binge. Anything from historical documentaries to indie foreign films, it seems as though movies hold most of my attention.                

Quote: "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." – Robert Burns. I feel so personally connected to this quote that I have tattoo of it as a reminder of its significance. 

Josh Lehman
Fundraising Specialist

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Pleased to meet you!  My name is Joshua Lehman, but you can call me Josh.  I have had the privilege of being a native of Northeast Ohio my entire life, having been born and raised in the Akron area.  Growing up, I was always excited to visit to the Science Center, explore the animals at the Zoo, and of course catch as many Indians games as possible with my family (Go Tribe!). 

As a 2013 graduate of the University of Akron, I studied marketing management, and founded an amazing club sport which introduced me to my passion for fundraising.  Since 2010, I have developed a background in marketing, sales, and fundraising that centers on my belief in providing an uplifting and outstanding experience to everyone that I interact with.  I believe in the power of kindness, and being a part of Junior Achievement of Greater Cleveland allows me to interact with the amazing resource that is people of Greater Cleveland.  Our corporate and community partners, board members, volunteers, passionate staff, and everyone that I have the privilege to interact with give me the opportunity to immeasurably impact the lives of children all over the Greater Cleveland area. 

Make it a great day!

My favorite…

Part of my job: Leaving an impact!  By this I mean the impact that I am able to make on the lives of children by helping them experience better opportunities, the impact that this makes on their family's future, the impact that this future has in their community, and the fact that this impact will reach further into the future than I can imagine.

Quotes: "There is nothing stronger than gentleness" – Abraham Lincoln

"Never try to be better than someone else, but never cease trying to be the best person that you can be" – John Wooden             

Starbucks Drink: Chocolate is my weakness, so the largest mocha latte I can find.

Things to do after 5pm: I am a very active person that loves being outside and all things sports (I think I mentioned, go Tribe!). That being said, paintball is my second home.  I was the team captain for the University of Akron's team all throughout my college career, I currently volunteer to coach Akron's team, and I travel the country playing in regional and national leagues.  

Jessica Walters 
Development & Operations Director

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My name is Jessica Walters.  I graduated from CWRU and am a proud Cleveland native! I have a lot of fun getting to know all of our awesome corporate and community partners and hearing all the fun and creative ways they are fundraising to sponsor JA students.

My favorite

Part of my job: When I am out in the community, I frequently meet people who had Junior Achievement when they were in high school in the 1960s and 70s. I love hearing all the stories from JA alums about the products they sold and marketed - wooden mazes, scented lotion, jewelry, paperweights, and even a solar-powered music box! It makes me proud to be part of such a common experience in this community, and inspires me to help more students learn about financial literacy and business.

JA memory: I taught my first JA program to third graders at R.G. Jones School in Cleveland. For the last class, my students wrote me a letter thanking me for teaching them about their city, listing all the concepts we'd reviewed. I have their letter hanging in my office to remind me of the impact JA has on local students.

Starbucks drink: Grande Pike Place, usually (at least) once a day.

Thing to do after 5 PM: Hang out with friends or visit my family!

Laura Weyenberg 

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My name is Laura Weyenberg and I have been the Controller at JA of Greater Cleveland for over 20 years. Originally from Louisville, Ohio, I moved to the Cleveland area after I graduated from Kent State University in 1986. I was previously an audit manager at KPMG, and left there in 1992 to raise a family. I was enticed to come back and put my CPA certification back to good use (on a part-time basis anyway), and joined JA in 1993. My husband Tom and I have 3 sons and live in Solon.

My favorite

Part of my job: I'm constantly inspired by our amazing volunteers who are so passionate about Junior Achievement!

JA memory: Teaching 4 classes of first-graders (back to back) about wants vs. needs was very enlightening. Interestingly, someone in every one of the classes insisted that television was a need, not a want. When I asked why they thought that, I assumed it would be because they couldn't "live" without watching their favorite shows, but instead each one of them said that they needed a television to know about the weather!

Starbucks drink: Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte

Thing to do after 5 pm: Tennis, tennis, tennis (ok, probably before 5pm too)