Volunteer Training Resources

The following resources and materials will help you prepare for a fun, rewarding, and successful JA program. In addition to watching some of the videos linked below, please view all available materials for the program you'll be teaching. Most importantly, HAVE FUN and remember that your presence is truly making a difference in the lives of the children you reach!

JA in a Day - Video

Classroom Management - Video

Intro to Leading a JA Session - Video

Teaching Tips - Video


JA Ourselves (Kindergarten)

JA Our Families (First Grade)

JA Our Community (Second Grade)

JA Our City (Third Grade)

JA Our Region (Fourth Grade)

JA Our Nation (Fifth Grade)

JA Global Marketplace (Sixth Grade)

JA Economics for Success (Seventh Grade)

JA It's My Future (Eighth Grade)

JA Company Program (High School)

JA More than Money (Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades School)

Please note:
No two classrooms are alike, and no single session will meet the needs of all the students. With the teacher's guidance, adapt sessions as necessary, while staying focused on the stated objectives. You can greatly enrich your time in the classroom by drawing on your own experiences. Develop examples that are relevant to each session. The most striking aspect of the class will be the variation in the students' abilities, maturity levels, and interests. You will discover that students have unique social, personal, and academic needs. Approach them with sincerity and respect. Learn their names and compliment them to encourage their participation. Connect the sessions to the students' current and future needs; personalize everything.


Program Briefs and Kit Descriptions


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