Business Volunteers

Firm Support
Support for Junior Achievement's programs often starts at the highest level of management. It is important volunteers and their immediate supervisors to understand the firm's commitment to the programs, and to realize that through their participation they are doing something for the company as well as for the students.

Coordinator's Role
The Company Coordinator serves as a liaison between the business and the JA office. The Coordinator's responsibility is to recruit volunteers to participate in Junior Achievement's programs.

Recruitment Methods

  • Letter, memo or email (over top manager's name)
  • Article in company newsletter
  • Internal incentive program for veteran volunteers to help recruit others
  • Completion of card or form showing interest, followed by a call from a JA staff member
  • Identifying one person from each of the business's locations to assist in recruiting volunteers
  • Presentation by a JA staff member and veteran consultant from your company

What Motivates Volunteers?

  • Desire to make a difference in young people's lives
  • Desire to develop or polish their presentation skills
  • Perhaps they wanted to teach, but for reasons of their own, never had a chance
  • Want to give students a learning opportunity they wish they had in school
  • Some feel that participation will gain them notice of supervisors who support the programs
  • Opportunity to represent their business and themselves in a positive manner
  • Add volunteer activities to resume
  • Personal satisfaction

Some Methods Businesses have used to Support/Reward Volunteers

  • Letter of commendation from CEO*
  • Reimbursement for mileage to and from school
  • Small fund to cover classroom expenses, i.e. incentives
  • Words of praise from supervisor or CEO*
  • List of volunteers or article in company newsletter
  • Breakfast or luncheon award ceremony (plaques, certificates, medallions)

*Showing support does not need to be an expensive undertaking. Often the positive feedback and thanks from the company are most appreciated.

For more information on how to get your company involved with Junior Achievement, contact the JA office at (636) 728-0707 or