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Volunteer Resources

In addition to the detailed teaching guide in each Junior Achievement program materials kit, JASTL provides the following resources for volunteers.  Check them out!





School Kickoff Video

Teaching Tips and Training Videos
Volunteer Video Training is courtesy of JA of South Dakota and you will be directed to their website.

If you are partnering with a First grade, Third grade or Fourth grade class, your guide book might reference JA Digital Assists. These are additional resources available to utilize as you teach the JA lessons. In order to access these digital resources, use the link below with the login provided by your JA contact:

Program Teaching
Training  PowerPoint JA Digital Assists Avail. Additional Resources
JA Ourselves (K) Tips Video PP    
JA Our Families (1st) Tips Video * PP https://learn.ja.org  
JA Our Community (2nd) Tips Video PP  
JA Our City (3rd) Tips Video * PP https://learn.ja.org  
JA Our Region (4th) Tips Video * PP https://learn.ja.org  
JA Our Nation (5th) Tips Video PP    
JA More Than Money (3rd-5th)       https://learn.ja.org  
JA America Works Tips none    
JA Global Marketplace Tips Video * PP    
JA It's My Business Tips Video * PP    
JA Economics for Success Tips Video * PP    
JA It's My Future Tips Video * PP    
JA Career Success Tips Video *      
JA Personal Finance (HS) none Video *      

*Special thanks to Junior Achievevement of South Dakota for the training videos and JA America Works lesson PowerPoint.

Pre- and Posttests

Click here for pretest and posttest instruction sheet.

Certificate and Table Tent Templates
These may be used to print student names on certificates using a printer. (Microsoft Word documents)