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10 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day can be a great excuse to do something that makes others feel good or help a cause that’s close to your heart. We’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day while making a positive difference.  We’d love to hear your ideas too, so please share them in the comments.


  1. Volunteer. There are so many benefits that come with volunteering.  If you’ve thought about taking the leap, but something’s been holding you back, look no further! We’ve got 10 reasons to volunteer here. Keep in mind, there’s no shortage of opportunities available, so try not to get overwhelmed!  Simply think of a cause that’s important to you and find out how you can contribute.
  2. Dine to Donate. If you’re planning to dine out on Valentine’s Day, why not give back to a good cause at the same time?  Seek out a restaurant that donates a portion of proceeds to charity.  Or, host a charitable dinner party and ask attendees to bring a donation. Here is a list of ideas to help you coordinate.
  3. Send a love letter, or two. And we’re not talking about sending a romantic message to your sweetheart. Well, you can do that too, but the love letters we’re referring to are more along the lines of letters of gratitude.  Messages that let the difference makers know how truly special they are.  Express your appreciation for their efforts in making this world a better place.
  4. Brighten the day of someone in need. There are so many people that are either alone, battling illnesses, homeless or are going through challenging times.  What better way to make someone’s day then by surprising them with some tasty treats?  Make a big batch of homemade Valentine’s cookies, and deliver them to people who could use a little cheering up.  Places like nursing homes, children’s hospitals, and homeless shelters are great places to start.
  5. Give gifts that give back. Thinking of surprising your special someone with a gift?  Shop for an item that supports a cause.  Many online shopping sites donate a portion of each sale or the sale of specific products to charity.
  6. Remember those who serve you. Waiters, bus drivers, janitors – each one makes your life a little easier.  Say “thank you” by leaving an extra tip or by verbally expressing your appreciation for them.
  7. Donate. Start spring cleaning a little early and donate un-wanted items to local shelters or donation centers.  Or, make a monetary donation to the charity of your choice.
  8. Exercise for a cause. Can’t get motivated to work out? Do it to support a great cause.  Sign up for a charity 5k walk or run, and get your friends and family involved for some friendly competition!
  9. Show love to animals. Animal shelters are always in need of volunteers. Spend an hour or two of your day taking dogs for walk, cleaning and feeding animals.  Or, take it a step further and adopt a new pet!
  10. Celebrate with small acts of kindness. The week of February 14th is Random Act of Kindness Week.  If you’re picking up lunch or coffee in the drive-through, pay for the person behind you. Even simple things, such as smiling and saying hello to stranger, holding a door for someone or sharing a compliment can really go a long way and brighten someone’s day.


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