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JA Bowl-A-Thon: 25 Years and 25 Reasons

Where were you around this time in 1990? Here at JASTL, we were getting ready to launch our first Bowl-A-Thon! And, you know what they say, time flies when you're having fun! We can hardly believe it's been 25 years!

To celebrate, we put together a list of volunteers, teachers, sponsors, employees and, of course, students, that make JASTL great! Check out our 25 reasons to support JA:

1. JA has given me the knowledge that I need in order to be an active member of my community and has paved the way for future success. - Hile, Student

2. Allowing students to see that they can strive to be more and get more out of life and set goals for themselves is important to me. - Nerissa, Volunteer and Young Professionals Board Member

3. I can see that volunteering at JA helps make a difference to the students through the use of my time and life experiences with finances. - Joe, Volunteer

4. JA has taught me that you don't have to be an adult to understand how businesses work. I actually started my own business called Bows for Breast Cancer. JA has helped me tremendously by teaching me how to keep track of my money. I've raised $500 so far! - Caroline, Student

5. JA has allowed me to, in a very small way, be a part of a movement that is having a major impact on our future generations. - Dr. Mahendra Gupta, JA Board Member and Dean and Geraldine J. and Robert J. Virgil Professor of Accounting and Management

6. JA is an amazing place that transforms minds and opens up opportunities that students may never have thought were available to them. - David, Volunteer

7. JA is a lot of fun, and I got to learn about all kinds of jobs. I can see how being a newscaster or public speaker may be a great career for me! - Zoe, Student

8. When you're teaching JA, you see the children's faces light up and you know that they "get it." It's extremely satsifying to know that they are developing a sound foundation from which to move forward with. - Jeremiah, Volunteer and Young Professionals Advisory Board Member

9. The partnership of the business and education communities is a powerful combination in preparing our youth for their futures. - Lori Jacob, President and CEO of Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis

10. Junior Achievement's focus on entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy helps us provide our students with the solid educational foundation they will need for future success. - Dr. Kelvin Adams, Superintendent of St. Louis Public Schools

11. Exposing children at an early age to the opportunities that business, the entrepreneurial spirit and economic development presents is priceless. JA helps make learning hands-on and fun, seeding future business leaders for our country. - Maxine Clark, Founder of Build-A-Bear Workshop

12. You never know how "just showing up" will impact a child. Just remember that you were once a child and how you felt when someone else took great interest in you. - Angel, Volunteer and Bowl-A-Thon Coordinator 

13. It's amazing to witness the positive impact a JA program can have on students - even as young as kindergarten. - Sarina Strack, Volunteer, Board Member, Bowler, and JA Company Program Company of the Year Judge

14. JA has helped me know that I can be an entrepreneur when I get older. - Barrett, Student

15. Junior Achievement has been instrumental in providing our students an opportunity to dream big and foster entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills that will support them on their journey to success in the global marketplace. - Dr. Wanda LeFlore, Principal at Kennard CJA Elementary School 

16. Through JA, I have witnessed the power of working together for the greater good of our students. - Tami Ensor, JA Advisory Chair in Central Missouri

17. JA teaches our students everything from writing checks and managing checkbooks to managing businesses and managing people! - Denita, Teacher

18. I believe in Junior Achievement because it teaches children about free enterprise and how important their education is to their future. - Dennis Jones, Founder of Jones Pharma and JA Board Member

19. Being an employee for over 28 years, I've seen JA grow to meet the demands of a changing economy. - Gina Barnes, Vice President of Adminstration

20. The resources and the materials are age appropriate and challenge each student at their ability level. - Scott Readnour, Principal at Hillsboro Intermediate School 

21. Junior Achievement gave me the tools I needed to stand out from my peers when seeking employment after graduation, and it  is one of the main reasons I have had a successful career. - Kevin Desrosiers, former JA Student

22. The team at JA St. Louis are top-notch and we work well together as a partnership which makes every experience enjoyable. - Kim, Volunteer, IT Committee Member and Student Impact Committee Member

23. JA is so amazing! When I first walked into the building I was overwhelmed with the fantastic environment that JA provides for kids! - Sydney, Student

24. I was not in the teaching field per say, but at least I started doing it with JA and now, today and for the last 15 years, I've been teaching at the college level. - Ed, Volunteer for over 39 years

25. All of the JA supporters! Last year, over 7,000 volunteers helped us reach 144,376 students! We couldn't have achieved this without the support of the community - thank you! - JA of Greater St. Louis Staff

Today is the start of our Bowl-A-Thon Mega Weekend! Companies like Bank of America, Moneta Group and FleishmanHillard will come together to network, team-build and raise money to support JA programs. If you're interested in getting involved in the JA Bowl-A-Thon, click here!

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