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Computer & Social Skills: Why Young Employees Need Both


Last week, JA had the opportunity to welcome Tech Mahindra CEO C.P. Gurnani to a ribbon cutting ceremony at JA BizTown.

Tech Mahindra, a specialist in digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering solutions, has partnered with us to provide students who visit JA BizTown the tools to learn about html coding. Student CEOs from other JA BizTown companies will meet with student workers at the Tech Mahindra storefront to help them individualize their company website.

Speaking to the students, Mr. Gurnani showcased the widespread application of technology services, saying, “For all of you who are using any kind of a device… we have probably been involved in the technology or the legwork or in the testing of those devices.” He went on to say, “We hope one of these days… when you are going to make a choice about which career to choose, you will consider technology services.”

We’re so excited to have this opportunity to showcase computer science skills to the students that visit JA. Not only are jobs in computer science expected to grow by 62 percent between 2010-2020, but the average starting salary for a computer science graduate is $60,000.

However, the need for students to get hands on experienec with technical skills goes beyond just showcasing computer science as a degree option. Even students who plan to pursue careers outside of computer science need to know their way around a keyboard. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, “62 percent of working Americans use the Internet as an integral part of their jobs.”

What’s more, a degree in computer science, or any field for that matter, is no longer enough to guarantee a job. Employers have been lamenting the lack of soft skills in young job applicants. A 2013 study, conducted by American Express and Millennial Branding indicates that “managers have an overall negative view of young workers, and point to their lack of soft skills regarding communication and interpersonal interactions, time management abilities and willingness to work as a team.” 

What’s the best way to help young people, who will be in the job market before we know it? Help them find the career path that fits their interest and skills while simultaneously teaching them the tenants of professionalism, responsibility, and hard work. We’re excited to work with companies like Tech Mahindra to do just this. 

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