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February Volunteer Hero


When Gretchen McGee attended a luncheon a little over two years ago, she didn’t realize it would lead to a rewarding volunteer opportunity with Junior Achievement.

“When I heard the organization was seeking volunteers, their enthusiasm was contagious,” she explained. “I came back to work and sent an email to all of my co-workers asking for additional volunteers. Within a few hours, I had 22 responses, many of them even volunteered to teach more than one class. I was overwhelmed with pride! It is very rewarding to work for a company filled with so many people who care!”

Since then, she had taught the JA kindergarten program, JA Ourselves, and this year she will teach the 4th grade program, JA Our Region. For Gretchen, teaching young people financial literacy skills is especially important. “I have been employed in banking for over 35 years,” she said. “Every day I see the need to educate the public about financial responsibility. We need to start early and reinforce this as often as possible.”

When asked the best part about volunteering with JA, the answer was an easy one, “Knowing that you are making a difference, even in a small way, feels so good!”

Thanks to Gretchen and all of our volunteers for making JA strong! Keep an eye out for our #ShowTheLove Campaign, starting this Sunday, February 7. It’s a way for us to say thank you to our more than 7,500 volunteers for giving of both their time and talents to help young people. 

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