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Happy Holidays!


We're back from the Thanksgiving break here at JASTL and we couldn't be more excited for the last month of 2014!

What's going on that has our office buzzing? Not only do we love the holiday season, the time with friends and family, and the snow (at least a few of us do), but we're finally launching our 25 Reasons to Give Campaign!

Every day, between December 1 and December 25th, we’ll share with you a member of the JA family, from teachers to board members, from students to JA employees, from principals to volunteers. We’re calling it our 25 Reasons to Give Campaign because we hope it will inspire others to learn about JA and support our mission, through a financial gift or a gift of their time.

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the holidays than shining a spotlight on those that make us great. Make sure to follow us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages to find out who's included in our 25 Reasons to Give. 

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