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Meet our JA Volunteer Hero for the Month of October

When we asked around for nominations for our October Volunteer Hero, we immediatly got an email from a program manager nominating Theresa Kipper, telling us, "She's always wililng to go above and beyond!" 

Kipper, Corporate Manager for Financial Systems and Applications with SSM Health Care, first heard about Junior Achievement as a participant when she was in high school.

After participating, and still in high school, she began volunteering to teach elementary students about the basics of business and money management. Since then, she's volunteered with JA, teaching over two dozen classes. 

How does she feel JA has helped her in her career? 

"It makes you think about what you do. I work in healthcare and while i don't directly work with patients, you'll hear comments... [about] what they think of insurance and things. And it makes you reflect on what you're doing in the industry and how people really perceive what you do."

Volunteers like Theresa make us reflect on what we do too! Thanks Theresa for being a JA Volunteer Hero!


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