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April Volunteer Hero

Volunteering and philanthropy comes naturally for Robert White III, with a decade-long career in nonprofit work. Last year, Robert joined JA’s Young Professionals Advisory Board (YPAB) and brought his generosity and volunteer experience along with him.

He explained his interest in working with JA by saying, “I wanted to find an organization that had an excellent track record in youth development and provided opportunities to all area youth to live, learn, and grow to be consistent contributors to society.”

After joining YPAB, Robert participated in the Young Professional’s JA in a Day, teaching elementary students. Being in the classroom immediately reminded him of his “days of being in the classroom working with brilliant young minds.” 

“The coolest part was when several students asked me if I'd come back to visit in the future,” Robert said.  “As a result, I signed up to become a volunteer and started working with young people in the after school program.” 

What’s more, Robert feels like JA has given him something too. “JA has provided me with an opportunity to empower young people, learn the ropes of being a board member, and make connections that may take me to the next level in both my personal and professional life.”

Thanks to volunteers like Robert, Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis is able to reach more students and connect with young professionals, who are the next generation of leaders in the region.

The best part of the whole thing, according to Robert is, “Knowing that my efforts are making a positive impact in the lives of young people.”

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