Curriculum & Visit Materials

JA Finance Park Classroom Curriculum

These items relate directly to the curriculum component of JA Finance Park and are things you may use in the classroom.

JA Finance Park Teacher Training

  • Session 1: Curriculum: This session covers teaching the 12 lessons in the curriculum.
  • Session 2: Visit Day Logistics: This session covers planning the visit day, including student assignment, buses, lunches, and volunteer recruitment. This is relevant to teachers using the full curriculum or the One-Day Program.
  • JA Finance Park Transparencies
  • JA Finance Park Video (use with Getting Started pre-unit)
  • JA Finance Park Magazine (use with Unit 4, Lesson 1)
  • JA Finance Park Map (use with Unit 4, Lesson 2)
  • JA Finance Park Schedule (use with Unit 4, Lesson 2)
  • Pretest & Posttest Score Reporting (use after Unit 6 to submit information to Junior Achievement)
  • Watch Your Money Grow (student workbook, page 34a)

Visit Day Preparation

As you prepare for your visit to JA Finance Park, there are several things that need to be done before your arrival.  Many of the documents are provided in Word format so you can customize them or create a mail merge to your students' parents.

General Information

Volunteer Information

  • Volunteer Basics (pdf)- Please review this document to get an overview of the volunteer needs, duties, and training for your visit
  • Volunteer Recruitment Letter (Word) - Send home with your students to solicit help for the visit day.
  • Volunteer Training Letter (pdf) - Once you have recruited the parents, use this to inform them of the arrival time and training requirements
  • You can direct your volunteers here for training information.

Please complete the Volunteer List and return it to Junior Achievement at least seven days before your visit.

All materials provided online are as a courtesy to teachers currently authorized to use the JA Finance Park curriculum.  They are protected by copyright and should only be used in conjunction with the JA Finance Park curriculum.