Getting Started in JA Finance Park

High school students taking a personal finance class are welcome to participate in the A.G. Edwards JA Finance Park simulation as a stand-alone experience. All other students must complete the 12 required teacher-taught, in-class lessons before participating in the on-site simulation experience, followed by a debriefing lesson. Follow these simple steps to get involved:

Step 1: Complete the Enrollment Form and send it by fax (636) 728-0708 or e-mail ( Available dates are the determining factor for when you should start and finish the JA Finance Park classroom curriculum.

  • Please select three (3) dates, to help us accommodate you.
  • We can accommodate up to 130 students on a single visit day.
  • Schools with less than 75 students may be assigned a buddy school.
  • Schools with more than 130 students will need to book multiple dates.

Step 2: When teaching the JA Finance Park curriculum, complete the online teacher training about 5-6 weeks before the visit date. There are two training sessions.

To access the training link, click here.

  • If you experience difficulties with online teacher training, contact us at ( Training is required in order to get everything out of the curriculum and visit day experience.
  • JA provides all curriculum materials after you have returned your enrollment packet.
  • Begin teaching the curriculum about four weeks before the visit.

Step 3: Prepare for your students' visit to A.G. Edwards JA Finance Park by recruiting parent volunteers, scheduling buses, and handling other logistical matters. 

Please contact Lori Marsh at (636) 728-0707 or for more information or to get started.