JA Biz Wizards Camp


June 11-15, 2018
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Ages 8-9 (Campers must have completed 2nd grade)

Registration is now closed. Please try again next year.

Monday: Money in the Middle - Money is the go-between for trading things.  Wizards will experience how coins, paper currency, and bank accounts are used in the "real world!"

Tuesday: Earning Money - Wizards have fun earning income by performing silly jobs.  They will learn how people must earn income before they can spend or save it!

Wednesday: Spending and Saving Money - Buying goods and services is great fun, but careful choices must be made by wizards because there is always an opportunity cost!

Thursday: Producing Goods and Services - Wizards become business owners and experience combining resources to produce goods and services.  Wizards learn about business costs, expenses, and profit.

Friday: Profit! - The wizards will operate businesses, earn income, manage a bank account, have work breaks to shop, and earn a profit (or not). They will learn that earning a profit takes hard work and good decisions!  Parents are invited to join the wizards during the last hour of camp.