JA BizTown Fun Facts | Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis


Are there cars in JA BizTown? No. Sorry, you're on your own two feet!

Do we get to keep the stuff we buy at JA BizTown? Yes, you rent cell phones for the day, so you must return them at the end of the day.

What kind of items will be for sale in the shops? There will be 15 - 25 goods and services to choose from, but you must wait and see what these are. It can vary from day-to-day.

Do you need real money at JA BizTown? You will use JA BizTown money and your checking accounts to buy goods and services.

Does Junior Achievement have souvenirs to buy? Yes, but you must use real U.S. cash to buy them. There are T-shirts for $10.00, sling backpacks for $5.00, and pencils for 50ยข.

Can I buy lunch, snacks, or drinks at JA BizTown? You must bring a brown-bag lunch to JA BizTown. You may buy snacks (popcorn and freshly baked cookies) and soft drinks with JA BizTown cash.

How many breaks do I get during the day? Two. On the first one you deposit your paycheck and open a savings account at the bank and then you may choose among other things to do. Check out the activities you can do on break.

What time is my break? You must wait until you arrive at your business to find out. JA staff announces the times for different breaks. Don't forget to go back to work at the end of your break!

When can I go to the bank to deposit my paycheck? Only on your break.

Are there phones in JA BizTown? Of course! You may call KJAR, the radio station, for a song request or call another business. Telephone numbers are listed in a booklet in each business. You can only make calls within JA BizTown, sorry.

Do I have to write checks for everything? No. In a few businesses, you may use JA BizTown cash. In some businesses, you may use a debit card for payment. Some businesses only accept checks.

May I bring my camera to JA BizTown? Absolutely! But, you may not take a picture of any citizen that has an * on his or her name tag and/or is wearing an orange or purple plastic ID bracelet.

May I eat my lunch in my business? No. You may only eat and drink INSIDE The Smokehouse Market.

May I chew gum? Sorry, no.