JA Finance Park Online

If you are over 90 minutes from Chesterfield, there is a way your students can experience JA Finance Park without the long drive. JA Finance Park Online offers the same classroom curriculum as our regular program. Instead of driving to our facility for the budgeting activity, students participate in an online budgeting program.

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  • JA Finance Park offers students a cross-curricular, experiential education in personal finance and career exploration through classroom instruction and active participation in a simulated community.
  • Students study a four-week personal finance curriculum that concentrates on budgeting. Lessons cover spending (credit vs. debit, checking), saving and investing, taxes and salary, budgeting, and careers.
  • The curriculum culminates with an online experience during which students create a monthly budget based on an assigned personal income and family scenario described on an individual "Life Situation" that is assigned to them.
  • The JA Finance Park experience is divided into banking, clothing, education, entertainment, food, furniture, health care, home improvement, insurance, investment, real estate, transportation and utilities options. Each decision represents part of a student's personal budget.
  • At the conclusion of the online simulation, students pay their bills and adjust spending to balance their budgets.

Teachers using the four-week curriculum ($5 per student): Available to students in grades eight through high school. We provide the curriculum and experience. You receive:

  • Teacher curriculum guide
  • Workbook for each enrolled student
  • Supporting curriculum materials
  • Online simulation access for each student

High School teachers: You may already have a curriculum for teaching concepts of personal finance. Use your materials to teach, but use the simulation as a culminating exercise. You receive:

  • Online simulation access for each student

Curriculum and Online Information:

  • Teacher Curriculum Training: For teachers using the four-week program of JA Finance Park classroom materials
  • Volunteer Training Information: Information about the volunteer's role helping the students during the online simulation.
  • Student Information: A packet of information that can be downloaded to guide the students through some of what they will see during the online simulation.

Please note: Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis can only accept schools and students for this program in Missouri and southern Illinois that are not within the territory of another Junior Achievement office.