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JA Global Market Place®  

JA Global Marketplace Blended Model introduces middle school students (Grades 6-8) to the global marketplace and the ways in which countries buy and sell from each other. Through completion of this program, students will gain an understanding of producers and consumers in the interconnected global market. They will analyze the similarities and differences among countries and the effects of free enterprise.
JA Global Marketplace consists of seven 45-minute sessions and offers two implementation options—basic or advanced.
• Basic implementation includes Sessions One–Six delivered by the volunteer.
• Advanced implementation includes Sessions One–Six delivered by the volunteer and Session Seven delivered by the teacher or volunteer.
Basic or advanced implementation depends on educator requirements and correlations to local standards. Contact your local JA Area staff to find out which implementation will be used.
All JA programs are designed to support the skills and competencies identified by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. JA programs also correlate to state standards in social studies, English, and mathematics, and to Common Core State Standards. 
Junior Achievement USA gratefully acknowledges HSBC for its dedication to the development and implementation of the middle school financial literacy program JA Global Marketplace.

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