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National Entrepreneurship Month

  • During #NationalEntrepreneurshipMonth, JA Launch Lesson, sponsored by @EYUSLLP, brings local entrepreneurs into the classroom to share their experiences with students. Visit ja.org/launch for more information.



Event Addressed Teens' Concerns about the Financial Impact of COVID-19
Click the image below for all the details!

Understanding Covid 19


Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis has Online Resources for Parent and Teachers

For More Information Contact:
Angelina Yarbrough
Junior Achievement is providing free online resources to teachers and parents/guardians for
Kindergarten through 12th grade students. Programs can be requested at www.jastl.org.
How you can help:
Share: the website link with teachers, parents, friends, and through social media. The more the
word gets out about these resources, the better JA will be able to support those who can use
them the most. Click HERE for video.
Give: JA is encouraging anyone who can to sponsor a JA Student for $25
at www.jastl.org/donate-now . JA is still reaching students at no cost to educators and parents.
Impact: Junior Achievement’s impact is lasting. In a recent study conducted by a team at
Washington University, of those adults who were in Junior Achievement as students:
• 97% graduated high school with a GED or higher
• 68% have a four-year bachelor degree or higher
• 40% are involved with business ownership
• 98% are confident in managing their money
CLICK HERE to see more stats from our third party study
“We are blessed with a community of amazing individuals who are working together to support the education of our youth,” said Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis President & CEO Lori Jacob. “We feel great about opening up our quality programs and activities for our educators and parents to utilizetoday.”
About Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis - Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis (JASTL) was founded in 1943. Encompassing 78 counties in Missouri and southern Illinois, JASTL served more than 171,044 K-12 students in 856 schools during the 2018-19 school year. JA programs are offered in parochial, private, and public schools and education centers throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan region, with district operations in outlying areas.
For more information, visit www.jastl.org

Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis (JA STL) Response to COVID-19

Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis prioritizes the health, safety and well-being of all our students, staff, volunteers, educators, partners, stakeholders, and friends. We want to ensure precautionary measures are taken to prevent any unnecessary risk.

Given the ever-evolving developments regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we, along with our district operations throughout Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, will suspend JA programs/experiences involving JA volunteer personal interactions with students. This change will be effective March 14 and continue until we can safely reopen in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Suspended Programs Include:
  • JA Spring Career Fair
  • JA BizTown and JA Finance Park activities at our facility
  • In classroom programs led by external volunteers, and JA Job Shadow programs
  • JA Summer Camp
In place of these in-person activities, we are providing several formats for JA STL to continue reaching students. These options include:
  • Virtual, in-class teacher-led programs
  • Activities for parents to utilize at home
  • Remote teaching through technology
  • On-line learning opportunities for students
Suspended Fundraising Events Include:
  • JA Bowl-A-Thon Events
  • 2020 JA Business Hall of Fame
  • Trivia Night in Quincy, Illinois

The mission of Junior Achievement is critical and we have many alternative program options that allow us to continue impacting students during this time. You can help us with these efforts through your support.

Thank you for being our partner in this!

Lori Jacob | President and CEO
Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis
JA Dennis & Judy Jones Free Enterprise Center
17339 N. Outer 40 Road | Chesterfield MO 63005

AT&T Volunteers Mentor Students

 AT&T mentors further our future workers’ knowledge of technology and its impact in a global economy!

These JA volunteers from AT&T spent a day with students from Lincoln Middle School​. They taught about social security, media, the internet and technology in their "eSTEAM" (electronic science, technology, engineering, arts & math) program.

Teach students what you wish you would have learned sooner at www.jastl.org/volunteer


Thankful For You!

Every year Junior Achievement impacts the lives of thousands of young people, giving them the tools they need to succeed in a global economy. We couldn't do this without you!
Thank you for the generous investment of your time and treasure  in Junior Achievement this yearThrough your partnership, JA programs were taught to over 171,000 students in our service area.  Our recent alumni study confirmed that these programs have a lasting positive impact on young people, which is a great return for your investment!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
From Your Friends at Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis


McCarthy Holdings invest in the Future of St Louis Youth

Thank you, Alan and Alex from McCarthy Holdings, for stopping by this morning to talk strategically about working together to impact JA kids!
We look forward to partnering with your organization to educate, impact and empower students for a bright and successful future! 

Lindenwood University is officially open in JA BizTown!

 It is our privilege to partner with Lindenwood and highlight the impact education can have on career pathways.
Lindenwood University President, John Porter, his Chief of Staff and other representatives from the university came to JA to receive the Key to the City!
The unveiling was enjoyed by an audience of 4th and 5th graders from Oak Hill Elementary School​ and Ames Vpa Elementary School​, today's citizens of our mini-city!

Great things happen when we partner with AT&T to empower local students!

The "ASPIRE" program is where AT&T professionals give students job tips and share advice from their own work experience!
"The best thing about this program is being able to hear stories from the participants and help guide them from previous experiences that myself or those that I know have been through. One of the messages I tried getting across in my breakout group is “to be you” and look for a job that makes you happy and that you enjoy…and if you do that at an early age, there’s a good chance it will lead you to your career."
-AT&T Sales Coach, Josh Altenthal

Free Hot Breakfast Buffet


Reserve your seat at: jastl.org/bacon-and-business

Dr. Sanjay Gupta - Public speaking is an extremely valuable business skill!

Public speaking is an extremely valuable business skill!

JA Alumnus Dr. Sanjay GuptaCNN Chief Medical Correspondent, got his first chance at public speaking with Junior Achievement, and look where that skill has gotten him today! Being able to communicate your business concept to customers and investors is just one of the business skills JA covers with high school students.
Watch his video here


Want to learn more about what we are teaching tomorrow’s business entrepreneurs? Our Bacon & Business Breakfast, September 19th is a quick and easy way to connect with JA of Greater St. Louis. 
Register for FREE at www.JASTL.org/bacon-and-business




RGA Interns pack curriculum for entire school year

What normally takes us weeks, took one afternoon!

These RGA interns packed ALL of JA BizTown and JA Finance Park’s curriculum for the entire school year in one day. We're talking curriculum for THOUSANDS of JA Kids who come to our mini-cities!


We are so thankful for the continued partnership of Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated.


There are so many ways to empower the future of kids. Visit www.jastl.org/volunteer to get your interns, co-workers, friends or simply get yourself involved!


JA Of Greater St Louis News - Read all about it!!

Check out our "In The News Section" on the right! 

Stories like:

Local students enjoy Junior Achievement's "Biz Town" year-round (KPLR11, 7/10/2019)


A 10-year-old CFO? It works at Junior Achievement's BizTown (St. Louis Post Dispatch, 06/22/2019)


JA Company Program Students at National Student Leadership Summit

JA Company Program Students competed at the National Student Leadership Summit! They were one of only 15 JA Companies selected to compete at nationals this year. 

These students from from Rockwood Summit High School did an incredible job presenting how they created a REAL business with REAL profits. Way to represent Missouri well!

#MoCo #missourimademissouriproud #madeinmissouri



A visit from Pepper the Robot

We got an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pepper the Robot! 
A huge THANK YOU goes to Pepper and employees from TD Ameritrade who volunteered at JA!

Pepper got to say hello to our JA fifth graders who worked a job, took a lunch break and got paid (twice) in our mini-city, JA BizTown! 
Aside from entertainment, the purpose of Pepper and other high-tech products at TD Ameritrade Institutional is to better the business and improve client communication! 

Brain Cancer Survivor Enjoys First Time At Junior Achievement Summer Camp

Five years ago Ian Hartman was like any typical seven year old. He enjoyed playing right field in baseball, liked school (especially math) and, was a good big brother to his sister Elin. But to his parents there were some worrying signs that something wasn’t quite right with this spunky kid. He was thirsty all the time, even after drinking a big glass of water. He also started losing weight and vomiting for no apparent reason. A series of doctor visits led him to specialists at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital where the family got a diagnosis – multi-germ cell teratoma. An MRI found a golf ball sized tumor in Ian’s brain wrapped around his pituitary gland.

A case like his, in someone so young and caught so early, was rare enough for it to be studied by 40 oncologists around the country and referred to as Case No. 1. Normally people with this type of malignant tumor have a 10% chance of survival, and even those who go into remission typically experience a recurrence of the cancer within two years. For his mother and father, Molly and  Brian, this was the beginning of what they refer to as “the dark time.”

Ian underwent a 14-hour surgery to remove the tumor which was followed by multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. At times this meant weeks in the hospital. Molly said Ian basically lost his childhood to this disease.

If you want a glimpse into how special a kid Ian is, consider this. While he was still being treated for his disease Ian had two birthday parties. He asked his guests not wrap his gifts because he intended to donate them to other children at Cardinal Glennon. He wanted kids who he thought had a better chance than him to play with the toys he received.

Despite the initial terrible odds, Ian has now made it 5 years cancer free and is back to being a typical 12 year old, but with the wisdom of someone much more his senior. Just recently the doctors at Cardinal Glennon moved him to their long term follow-up program, a very positive sign about his future. This was cause for celebration for the Hartmans.

This spring a flyer for Junior Achievement Summer Camps was distributed at Ian’s school. He had such a good time at JA BizTown during the school year that he asked his parents to let him go to JA summer camp. This would be his first time being totally on his own since his treatments ended. He would not be coming to JA with his friends from school. His parents were a little apprehensive but, after speaking with JA staff, they were reassured that Ian’s special needs would be addressed by camp staff.

Because the cancer treatments have left Ian without a natural sense of thirst, he must drink on a schedule to avoid becoming dehydrated. His sense of hunger is also not working correctly causing him to ask when the next snack time is, a lot. JA staff were more than happy to accommodate his drinking schedule and frequent questions.

Ian impressed staff with his personal conscientiousness. On his own, he offered to use his cell phone, to check in with his parents about his compliance with his prescribed schedule, away from the view of other campers who were not allowed to use their phones during camp. He didn’t want to be a distraction.

At JA Young Entrepreneur Camp, the campers worked as teams to create a new cereal using a basic cereal starter (corn flakes, rice crispies, etc) and their imaginations. Ian particularly liked that they got to sample their cereal during the product development phase and offered his suggestions for formula tweaking.  After the design phase they developed marketing campaigns for their product.

Two days out of the week they worked in a regular JA BizTown business. For Ian, this meant working for Mastercard which he really enjoyed. They also worked together to develop a stomp rocket that they all got to test in JA Finance Park, which Ian thought was pretty cool. 

Molly said she wants her son to have hope for his future. She wants to see him make his dreams happen. Ian says he hopes one day to be working in sports medicine. Our hope at JA is that he learned from our programs how to work towards that dream and be confident that he can make it happen.

On the last day of camp he told one of the JA teachers “I am DEFINITELY coming back next year!” Having survived brain cancer and having that can-do spirit and enthusiasm, we have no doubt that Ian will be back and will be able to take on just about any challenge life throws his way.

It’s Never Too Soon To Start Teaching Children About Finances

This summer, education majors from St. Charles Community College have been going into preschools and Boys and Girls Clubs to deliver Junior Achievement programs to students in underserved communities.  The college students were able to count the time they spent teaching as part of their Field Experience requirement and, the children in these programs received an education about individual choices, money, the importance of saving and giving, and the value of work. More than 150 preschool and elementary students were able to participate in a JA-In-A-Day experience in June and July.The JA program was delivered by students at the community college for the first time this summer and has been a tremendous success.  Carolyn Harting of Mastercard has been a longtime volunteer for Junior Achievement and is also the Vice President on the Board of the Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Charles County.  She and Linda Sanchez, CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs, have wanted to see college students engaged in delivering JA programs to these children for several years now, and are thrilled to see that vision finally become a reality.  Sanchez felt the SCCC students’ passion for teaching would be an added bonus when working with B&G Club children of widely varying academic and cognitive abilities.

Executive Director of Lullaby Inn of Wentzville, Meghann Rocha and Assistant Director of St. Ann, Gabrielle Murphy, have implemented the JA-In-A-Day program in their learning centers in the past, but were excited to have education majors present the JA programs to the children this summer.

Similarly, Bright Start Academy of St. Charles has offered the JA Ourselves program in the past with their own staff, but was very appreciative of the instruction from the SCCC students. “It has been wonderful welcoming the student instructors into our center and having them introduce concepts to the children. The instructors did an excellent job explaining and helping the children gain an early understanding of these concepts that will become the building blocks to their success later in life.  We have had such a positive response from the teachers, as well as the children,” said Monica Joslin, Center director for Bright Start Academy.

It’s nice to be able to offer a win-win situation, where education majors can get their feet wet in a real classroom delivering age-appropriate financial concepts to children while accredited learning centers get trained volunteer assistance with their programming.  The best part of the entire process is that the children have fun learning about money, real-life skills and elements of our economy.

To learn more about JA and how you can get involved go to www.JASTL.org/volunteer

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