Summer School Opportunities With JA

Our Junior Achievement in-school programs can be used in your summer school programs.  These programs can be presented by your staff to the children participating with your organization and/or school.

These programs are five to eight sessions in length, 30 to 60 minutes each session.  The sessions can be presented each day, once a week or all in one day.  Whatever your schedule entails, our programs can fit perfectly within your day.

The programs are designed to work with up to three different grade levels of students so different ages can be combined.  Junior Achievement provides training and all materials needed at no cost to you.

In addition to our in-school programs we can also offer "JA Finance Park" as a complement to your Personal Finance summer school program.  "JA Finance Park" provides the students a realistic simulation experience at our facility.  The JA Finance Park one-day experience is available to high school students enrolled in a personal finance class.

Please click here to see a short outline of each of our programs.

Contact us to get your program started:

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