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JA BizTown Volunteers

"JA BizTown was such a fun volunteering experience, much different than other typical service day. We got to watch the kids have fun, take their jobs seriously, and learn about the real world and responsibility. I wish I got to go to BizTown when I was an elementary student!" - JA BizTown Volunteer

Volunteers like you make a big difference in the lives of our JA BizTown students.  You can make an impact by spending your time with them and sharing your own stories and experiences.

By volunteering with JA, you can make a difference in your community and inspire a future generation!

If you are currently scheduled with JA as a volunteer in JA BizTown by your school, company, or JA, please click here for registration and training. 

If you are interested in becoming a JA BizTown volunteer in the future, please contact Jessica Kichura at jkichura@jastl.org or (636) 728.0707 ext 233.