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A.G. Edwards JA Finance Park offers 7th-12th grade students personal financial management skills through classroom instruction and active participation in a paperless, tablet-based, simulated community.  Students learn about the challenges of making adult decisions such as how to pay bills and manage their money for a family. The JA Finance Park program curriculum is composed of 13 required teacher-taught lessons that are easy to use, with minimal preparation time.  

The curriculum culminates in a hands-on, tablet-based budgeting simulation that is implemented at our A.G. Edwards JA Finance Park facility with the assistance of volunteers who receive training for their roles at JA Finance Park.  The simulation is approximately 4½ hours long.
  • Teachers
    • complete online training for 13 lessons
    • may use traditional or project-based learning approach
    • recruit 13 volunteers for the visit day
    • teach 12 lessons prior to simulation at JA Finance Park
    • teach one debriefing lesson following the simulation
  • Students
    • recognize the services of financial institutions
    • understand the advantages of saving, investing, and using credit wisely.
    • examine the role of insurance in risk management
    • examine the impact that credit scores and credit reporting have on personal finance
    • discover the importance of spending money wisely
    • recognize planning and budgeting as valuable tools.
    • apply classroom learning in the simulation by creating a family budget based on a hypothetical life situation

The one-day experience:  High school students enrolled in a personal finance class are welcome to participate in the A.G. Edwards JA Finance Park simulation as a stand-alone, one-day experience (no curriculum required).


For more information, please contact Lori Marsh, JA Finance Park Manager, at or call at (636) 728-0707.