JA Finance Park Teacher Resources


Welcome to the 2017-2018 JA Finance Park Experience!  Here, you will find materials that have been updated for the current school year.  You may find these resources helpful and present them to students or use them with your interactive whiteboard.

JA Finance Park Overview

Teacher Training

JA Finance Park Teacher Training - Project-based Learning

JA Finance Park Teacher Training - Traditional


Pre & Post Program Survey Materials

Pre-Program Student Survey

Post-Program Student Survey

Student Survey Answer Key

Survey Grade Sheet - email to Jessica, jkichura@jastl.org


Curriculum PowerPoint Presentations

These presentations are designed for teachers using the Traditional program.


Saving, Investing, and Risk Management

Debit and Credit

Budget +


Visit Related Documents

Visit Day Information

Photo Release Form

Directions to JA


Volunteer Related Documents

Volunteer List - email to Jessica, jkichura@jastl.org

Volunteer Recruitment Letter

Volunteer Confirmation Letter


Teacher Resources

2017-18 Updated Teacher Guide Pages

Career Cluster Cards (Income, Lesson 2 - Traditional)

Know It All Savings Cards (SIRM, Lesson 1)

Insurance and Life Sheets (SIRM, Lesson 2)

Purchase List (Budget +, Lesson 1)

Summer Job Classifieds (Budget+, Lesson 1)

Goals Cards (Budget+, Lesson 2)

High School Life Scenarios (HS only) (Budget+, Lesson3)

Correlations with Missouri Standards

Correlations for Illinois Middle School Standards

Correlations for Illinois High School Standards

Certificate of Achievement


External Website References Resources

JA My Way

Income Unit

Saving, Investing, and Risk Management

Debit and Credit

Budget +