Staff Directory

Office Phone 636-728-0707 (ext. in parenthesis)


President's Office

Title Staff (ext.) E-Mail
President Lori Jacob (200)
Vice President of Advancement Chad Kauffman (202)
Vice President of Administration Gina Barnes (205)
Vice President of Programs and District Operations Annette McClellan (240)
Chief Financial Officer Sandy LaPasso (207)
Director of IT/Business Processes Gary Kryvko (211)
Administrative Assistant Angelina Yarbrough (203)
Administrative Assistant Mary Mitchell (206)
Receptionist Amanda O'Donnell (241)
Receptionist Shelley Johnson (241)

Advancement & Special Events

Title Staff (ext.) E-Mail
Director of Advancement Rawn Ford (201)
Advancement Manager Jennifer Widlowski (206)

Special Events Manager
JA Bowl-A-Thon

Kristi Dunkelberger (235)
Advancement Assistant
JA Bowl-A-Thon
Cheryl Sheldon (229)
Advancement Assistant Janice Pyatt (230)
Advancement Administrative Assistant Anne Gassel (203)

Missouri Operations

Title Staff (ext.) E-Mail
Senior Program Manager Fancheon Ford (227)
Senior Program Manager Katie Pagano (223)
Senior Program Manager Janet Whalen (215)
Program Manager Sue Beers-Anthes (218)
Program Manager Shelia Farrell (219)
Program Manager Emily Henderson (213)
Program Manager Kristy Hutchison (216)
Program Manager Mary Hoffmeister (222)
Program Manager Christine Linck (231)
Program Manager Tracie Roberson (224)
Program Manager Jennifer Santistevan (226)
Program Administration Debi Byrd (217)
Program Administration Dawn McLaughlin (214)
Custodian Bob Hall  

Satellite Operations

Title Staff (ext.) E-Mail
Administrative Assistant Deborah Schaller (238)
Senior District Manager - Southwestern IL Carol Bouché (220)
District Manager - Hannibal MO and Quincy IL area Kevin Taylor (573) 822-0936
District Manager - Cape Girardeau MO  Becki Arends (573) 275-5477
District Manager - Springfield, MO  Rebecca Saunders
Office: (417) 873-6989
Cell: (417) 622-2668
District Manager - Columbia, MO Carol Allbritton (573) 220-6027
District Manager - Wabash Valley Brett Taylor (812) 230-8568

Capstone Programs: JA BizTown & JA Finance Park

Title Staff (ext.) E-Mail
JA BizTown Manager Joy Germeroth (237)
JA Finance Park Manager Lori Marsh (234)
Capstone Administrative Manager Shelly Warner (236)
Capstone Assistant Jessica Tilson Kichura (233)
Capstone Simulation Manager Karen Muzzy (232)
Assistant Simulation Manager Stephanie Hunnius (236)  
Program Assistant Claudia Bush (236)  
Program Assistant Linda Elias (236)  
Program Assistant Carla Brown (236)  
Program Assistant Holly Sliger (236)  
Program Assistant  Michelle Feibel (236)  
Program Assistant  Rachelle Henke (236)  
Program Assistant  Betsy Eckols (236)  
Program Assistant Teresa Schmidtberger (236)  
Program Assistant Laura Hunt (236)