Program Overview

JA Finance Park offers students a cross-curricular, experiential education in personal finance and career exploration through classroom instruction and active participation in a tablet based life scenario. Through this process students build a foundation upon which they can make intelligent financial decisions related careers, income, expenses, savings, and credit.
The JA Finance Park program curriculum is composed of 13 required teacher-taught, in-class lessons.  The lessons are easy to use, with minimal preparation time.  It culminates in a hands-on (paperless) budgeting simulation that is implemented at our A.G. Edwards JA Finance Park facility, with the assistance of volunteers.  The simulation is approximately 4½ hours long.

Curriculum Implementation Options  

Middle Grade Students (7th & 8th grades)
Lessons are offered in a traditional classroom implementation format. In the traditional approach, the JA Finance Park curriculum materials consist of a Teacher Guide, Posters, Savvy Shopper game sets, Student Workbook (for traditional implementation) and online resources.  Additional extension activities are available for each lesson topic.  Teacher training is available online, for teaching the curriculum, and the JA Finance Park program manager is available to assist as necessary.
High School Students (9th-12th grades)
A Project-Based Learning (PBL) curriculum format is available.  In the project-based learning approach, only the teacher guide is used, although there are a few additional resources used.  JA offers this option to teachers who have experience implementing PBL in their classrooms, as we do not teach the PBL method.  
The JA Finance Park Simulation Only experience is available as a stand-alone event for high school students who are already receiving a personal finance curriculum.