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JA Virtual Career Fair - Health Services

Health Science

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Consider the Health Services pathway if you have a curiosity about medical problems and advances, a concern for physical and mental fitness, an aptitude in science, math and social studies, an aptitude for working with computers, desire to work in hospitals, clinics or health and wellness facilities.
People attracted to careers in this pathway like to work with people. This career path includes programs related to medicine, dentistry, nursing, therapy and rehabilitation, nutrition, fitness, and hygiene.

Health Service

Dr. Sean Byrd - Veterinarian at Skyview Animal Clinic

Mike Elliott - Associate Professor for Public Health and Social Justice

Dr. Jessica Kerr - Clinical Pharmacist at SIUE School of Pharmacy

Debbie Leoni - Cardiovascular Outreach for Southeast Health

Michael McFarland - Human Resources Manager for the Department of Mental Health - Division of Behavioral Health - Eastern Region

Brian Morrell - Physical Therapist for Athletico

Flossie Njama - Registered Nurse for SSM DePaul Health Center

Michelle Payne - Speech Language Pathologist at St. Louis University

Melissa Tepe - Chief Medical Officer/OBGYN at Afinia Health Care

Ethan Zoellner  - Registered Veterinarian Technician for Skyview Animal Clinic

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