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Virtual Career Fair - Human Services

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Are you able to be flexible and adapt quickly, and to make quality judgments under stressful situations? Do you like working with diverse groups of people and serving the public? Do you possess emotional stability and strong self-esteem? This may be the career pathway for you!
Careers in this pathway appeal to people who enjoy interacting with other people and who are interested in helping people solve their problems.

Human Services

Early Childhood Development and
Counseling and Mental Health Services
Family and Community Services
Personal Care Services
Consumer Services

Sarah Bockhold - About Licensed Clinical Social Worker at SIU Center for Family Medicine

Christy Huggans and Keeley Western - About Salon & Spa Co-owner & Stylist at The Strand Salon & Spa


Mallory McNutt - Owner/Massage Therapist at Summit Spa

Jennifer Schifano - About Pet Groomer for The Academy of Pet Careers 

Jennifer Schifano - About Veterinary Assistant for The Academy of Pet Careers 

Hospitality and Tourism

Restaurants and Food and
Beverage Services
Recreation, Amusement and Attractions
Travel and Tourism


Abby Kent - About First Officer for Delta Airlines and Lieutenant Colonel and Pilot for United States Air Force


Government and Public Administration

Public Management and Administration
National Security
Foreign Service
Revenue and Taxation

Teresa Heifner - Geographic Information Systems for Alliance Water Resources

John Mehner - President and CEO of Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce

Stephanie Morrell - Associate Circuit Judge in Boone County

Sgt 1st Class Josh Richmiller - United States Army

Ryan Schrimplin - City Planner for the City of Cape Girardeau

Sarah Walsh - State Representative 


Law, Public Safety Corrections and Security

Correction Services
Emergency and Fire Management
Security and Protective Services
Law Enforcement Services
Legal Services

Todd Boehlje - Attorney for Wolfgram & Associates

SGT Linkastar Clark - Sergeant at Southeast Missouri Department of Correction Center

SGT. Joey Hann - Training & Community Affairs with the Cape Girardeau Police Department

Ashley Koehler - Safe Communities & TRACTION Coordinator with the Cape Girardeau Police Department

Rachel Penny - ION & Safe Communities Coordinator with the Cape Girardeau Police Department

Anthony Schiflett - Firefighter for the City of Columbia

Officer Warner and Officer Boodie - Police officers for Columbia Police Department

Shelby Winnis -Public Defender for Adams County Court House 


Education and Training

Administration and
Administrative Support
Professional Support
Teaching and Training

Sam and Jen Dancer - Owner, Trainer, Life Coach at QTown Fitness

Elizabeth Lippoldt and Bailey Compton - About Youth Service Librarians for St. Charles City-County Library

Karey Newton - About Admissions at The Academy of Pet Careers - Dog Training


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