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Do you enjoy work with your hands, building and fixing things? Would you describe yourself as practical and logical? Are you interested in studying science, drafting, robotics, woodworking, or math? In your free time, do like to use technology, work on cars or mechanical things? If you answered yes to some of these questions, then a career in Industrial and Engineering Technology might be right for you.
Careers in this pathway of study are related to the technologies necessary to design, develop, install, or maintain physical manufacturing systems. These may include engineering and related fields, architecture, mechanics and repairers, manufacturing technology, precision production, electronics and construction trades and related industries.



Manufacturing Production
Process Development
Maintenance, Installation
and Repair
Quality Assurance
Logistics and Inventory Control
Health, Safety and
Environmental Assurance

Kurtis Barks and Jeff Bauer - Owner and Director of Operations for Complete Auto Body and Repair

Jeff Mueller - Auto Mechanic for Clete's Automotive, Inc.

Rocky Murray - Welding Manager for Knapheide Manufacturing

D.J Peter - Mechanic for Niehause Auto

Cole Terwelp - Fiber Splicing Technician

Jordan Wetzel - Field Service Technician and Installer


Architecture and Construction

Design and Pre-Construction
Maintenance and Operations
Alex Gromada- Carpenter for Southern Illinois Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship

Stacey Lampe - Project Manager for Castle Contracting; Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Division 

Nancy Rampley - Systems Planner 


Jason Spengler - Business Owner of Spengler Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Remodeling

Lauren Williams - Virtual Design & Construction for McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics 

Engineering and Technology
Science and Mathematics

Chelsea Borders - Engineer for McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.


Jason Kampwerth - Civil Engineer for Holland Construction Services

Stephen Chiusolo - Technical Superintendent for Biokyowa, Inc.

Clayton Scherer - Quality Control Analyst for Biokyowa, Inc.

Ryan Sprandel - Technical Supervisor for Biokyowa, Inc.

Jake Stephens - Electrical Engineer for Ameren

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Transportation Operations
Logistics, Planning and Management Services
Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations
Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance
Transportation Systems and Infrastructure
Planning, Management and Regulation
Health, Safety and Environmental Management
Sales and Services

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