Virtual Speaker Series Episodes | Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis

Welcome to the JA Virtual Career Speaker Series

The JA Virtual Career Speaker Series features special guest speakers sharing information about his or her career, work, and education experiences.  This program is part of the JA Work and Career Readiness Pathway.
This JA Virtual Career Speaker Series will feature two special guest speakers; highlighting 3 ways to overcome the fear of failure and be empowered to dream big! … Kristy Jackson, CEO of DK Solutions and Kelsie Johnson, Singer/Songwriter, Producer & Entrepreneur.  


This Series has been designed to help students learn what it takes to succeed in business by hearing tips and advice from local business professionals! …JR Bareis (bar ice), the President and CEO of Tigerhawk Technologies.


ENTREPRENEUR, an individual with a dream and the self-confidence to independently think, vision, and focus until their passion becomes self-evident to others! …Chris Childers, Co-Owner of No Baked Cookie Dough & Jeremy Snow, Urban Environmental Planner, Marketer, Business Developer, and US Veteran.