JA BizTown Volunteering 

Donald O. Schnuck JA BizTown


A key part of Junior Achievement's Capstone programs is the real-world experience of adult volunteers as they guide students through their visit to our facility.  Each volunteer helps between four to seven students in JA BizTown to learn how an economy operates as they strive to successfully earn a business profit. If you would like to be a part of this dynamic learning experience, we could use your help on the following days.


"Junior Achievement Biztown demonstrates how students can learn and behave all while having the time of their life. From employees, teachers, volunteers, and students- all will leave a little more prepared than when they came."  - JA BizTown Volunteer

"JA Biztown provides a great opportunity to interact with students in an environment outside of a classroom to see how they use problem solving skills. The students have a great time running their own business and it is fun to watch them learn life skills." - JA BizTown Volunteer

"I was so pleased to see the kids having fun AND completing their job duties.  One girl was sad that she didn't have enough money, because she spent it all and wanted to buy more stuff.  So we talked about how she needed to earn another paycheck.  Real life!" - JA BizTown Volunteer


Contact Jessica Kichura at jkichura@jastl.org (636) 728-0707, ext. 233 for updated volunteer needs.

Please provide your e-mail address and phone number when contacting us.

We provide detailed online training for our volunteers so that they know their roles and duties for the visit day.   JA will communicate details with you upon requesting to help on a specific date(s). 

All visits take place at our 10,000 square foot facility 

17339 N. Outer Fourty Rd.

Chesterfield, MO 63005 - 1358 

Driving directions may be found at www.jastl.org.