JA Finance Park Volunteers

Welcome to the wep page for JA Finance Park volunteers!  We are pleased you have volunteered to help the JA Finance Park students on their visit day.  The links below will help you understand what happens at JA Finance Park.  You will be helping students find out what it is like to balance a budget on a limited income.

Directions to JA Finance Park: click here

Questions regarding your volunteers: contact Jessica - jkichura@jastl.org or 636-728-0707, ext. 233.

Your training is a 3-step process. You will watch the Volunteer Training Slideshow, then complete your Volunteer Registration Form, and finally review research information for your assigned business. Your assigned business was provided in the email sent to you by Junior Achievement.  Please begin with Step 1 below.


Step 1                                 

Volunteer Training


This training decribes the visit day and your role

The slideshow runs a little over 12 minutes and includes audio narration.  You may want to disable your pop-up blocker

Step 2                              Volunteer Registration Form                                                                                                                              

Make sure you know the school name for which you are volunteering.

After you complete registration, you will be returned to this page.

Step 3

Review Research Information

During Research, students rotate through each business in 3-4 minute intervals

You will lead a discussion about your budget category to each group of students, using a prepared presentation on the TV in your business.

Click below on your assigned business to see a copy of the presentation and notes that guide your discussion.



The notes will be available in your volunteer guide in your business, so you don't need to print them.