We at JA Hawaii believe that every keiki is born with the potential to succeed; however, many are "chained down" by expectations, whether it be due to family circumstances, lack of role models, or other perceived limitations. JA serves as the catalyst for these students to break the bonds of expectation and fulfill their potential. With the knowledge and mentorship of JA volunteers, kids can:

  • Break out of expectations that "I'll always work for someone else."
    (JA grads are 143% more likely to start a business)
  • Break through expectations that "I can't go to college."
    (JA grads are 30% more likely to earn a 4-year degree)
  • Break free from expectations that "I'll never amount to anything."
    (JA grads are more likely to escape poverty)


The ongoing support of our monthly donors, "JA Visionary Sponsors," helps provide JA Hawaii with the resources to show students how money, careers, and business ownership work, every single month of the year. We serve over 8,000 students across the State of Hawaii (over 70% of students attend Title 1 Schools) and continue to grow our reach in the community every year. When you become an Annual Donor, your gift is immediately put to work for our keiki. Become a JA Visionary Sponsor today!
JA Visionary Sponsors will get special recognition in our Annual Impact Report, social media sites, and at our annual Business Hall of Fame fundraising gala. 
JA Visionary Sponsorships



Please contact EVENTS at Events@JAhawaii.org for any questions or additional donation information.

Call: (808) 545-1777

Mahalo for your support of JA Hawaii!