Volunteer FAQ's

"I had a great time with those second graders! I actually learned probably as much as they did! It was also a useful reminder about who we are and what a difference each of us make to our respective communities!" - Volunteer at Mililani Uka Elementary School

What exactly will I be teaching?
You'll be teaching financial literacy programs created by professional curriculum development staff at JA Worldwide.  JA programs begin at the elementary school level, teaching children how they can impact the world around them as individuals, workers and consumers. JA programs continue through the middle grades and high school, focusing on the key content areas of financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship.

What is the time commitment for a JA volunteer?
At the elementary school level, you'll be teaching five 30-45 minute lessons. At the middle and high school levels, you'll be teaching five to seven lessons of about 45 minutes each. Volunteers also spend about 45-60 minutes familiarizing themselves with each lesson's curriculum before presenting it to the classroom. We also strongly encourage volunteers to visit the classroom once before beginning the lessons.

What time of day would I be teaching?
The vast majority of Junior Achievement classes occur during normal school hours – typically 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., though the exact hours will vary by district. Volunteers coordinate with the classroom teacher to determine the exact time of day and day of the week that you'll visit the classroom.

What if I have never worked with students before?
Don't worry! Many of our volunteers haven't been back in the classroom since graduating, and yet finish their lessons eager to teach JA again. All JA volunteers are provided with training by JA staff, and the classroom teacher will always be present to deal with any issues that may arise.

Do I need to create the lesson plans and activities?
All of the lesson plans and activities are provided in an easy-to-follow guidebook, and the program kit that you'll be provided includes all of the materials necessary to implement the programs.

Do I receive any sort of training before entering the class?
Absolutely! All JA volunteers are trained by Junior Achievement staff before entering the classroom. 

How do I become matched with a class?
When you complete a volunteer form or contact education@jahawaii.org, you'll have the opportunity to indicate your interest in teaching a particular grade level or teaching in a specific school. A JA staff member will then contact you to confirm your availability, and then schedule a training session to provide you with the information and materials needed to start your class.

When do I visit the class?
JA strongly encourages all volunteers to visit the class they'll be teaching in at least once before beginning the lessons. The day and time of the classroom visit will be scheduled directly between you and the teacher.

Will I be alone in the classroom?
No – the teacher will always remain in the classroom to assist with any issues that may arise.

How can I find out where JA volunteers are needed?
Contact education@jahawaii.org for open classroom volunteer opportunities.

Can I teach in my child's class?
Absolutely! Many of our programs are taught by parents who would like to become more involved in their child's class. If your child's school or class does not have JA programs, let us know and we can reach out to your child's educator.

How does volunteering to teach a Junior Achievement program benefit businesses and their employees?

  • Provides volunteers with professional development experience by creating opportunities to practice and refine their public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Offers volunteers a fun and rewarding break in their typical work schedule.
  • Encourages camaraderie and cooperation between volunteers who team-teach their lessons and companies that participate in JA in a Day events.
  • Contains important lessons on business ethics and corporate responsibility.
  • Helps businesses prepare and train their future workforce.
  • Offers students the opportunity to learn more about local businesses.
  • Enables businesses to visibly give back to their local communities and meet their philanthropic goals.

How does volunteering to teach a Junior Achievement program benefit college and university students?

  • Enables volunteers to explore education career possibilities by teaching children in a grade level of their choice.
  • Creates opportunities for college students to practice and refine their public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Helps business majors better appreciate their field by becoming the teachers for a younger generation.
  • Offers a fun and rewarding break from academic studies.
  • Provides team-building experiences for college students who choose to teach together.
  • Allows volunteers to make a positive impact on the lives of today's youth.

How does volunteering to teach a Junior Achievement program benefit parents?

  • Allows parents to spend time with their children and experience school life first-hand.
  • Provides parents the opportunity to demonstrate support for their children by becoming actively involved in the classroom.
  • Offers parents a fun and rewarding break in their typical work schedule.
  • Builds camaraderie between parents who team-teach their lessons.
  • Provides parents with opportunities to practice and refine their public speaking and presentation skills.

How can my company become more involved in JA?

Companies can support students by volunteering in a classroom. Companies can also participate in our annual fundraising events -  JA Golf Classic in the Fall or the JA Hawaii Annual Business Hall of Fame in the Spring.

What can I do if I want to be involved but I simply do not have the time to volunteer in the classroom?
Donate to Junior Achievement! Most of our programs are provided to educators free of charge, which means that we're reliant on dedicated individuals such as yourself to support our programs. Additionally, you can also register a team, sponsor a table, or get your company involved in one of our events. Lastly, tell a friend, co-worker, or a family member about Junior Achievement's volunteer opportunities! Each year more and more teachers request JA programs for their classrooms, so we're always looking for new volunteers!