Why volunteer with JA?

...Why not volunteer with JA?


  • JA lessons are relevant!
  • JA trains and supports volunteers every step of the way.
  • JA provides volunteers with all materials needed.
  • Teachers remain in the classroom at all times and support JA volunteers.
  • Volunteers provide a needed and wanted service to local schools.
  • JA partnerships and programs strengthen the community
  • All types of volunteers are welcome - business professionals, stay-at-home parents, trade workers, entrepreneurs, college students, retirees, high school students, part-time workers, high-level executives...Almost anyone can volunteer.
  • Program options vary - there are programs to interest anyone. 
  • Time commitments vary - JA offers volunteer opportunities ranging from one hour, to five hours, to several weeks.
  • JA programs contribute to student learning, enhance curriculum and align with Virginia Standards of Learning.
  • JA programs are fun and hands-on.
  • JA volunteers make a difference in students' lives and give them the tools needed to succeed in school, work and beyond.
  • JA programs are designed to empower students from Kindergarten through 12th grade to own their economic success.
  • JA programs give students the opportunity to practice cooperation, teamwork, decision-making, and leadership skills through numerous exciting hands-on activities.
  • JA programs are endorsed by Central Virginia school superintendents.
  • Almost all of JA's programs are offered free of charge, at absolutely no expense to the students, educators or schools.

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