2016 Achieve-A-Bowl

Saturday, March 12th

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Support Junior Achievement of Idaho with a Car Donation

Is your car ready for retirement? Why not donate it and let the proceeds help Junior Achivement of Idaho reach more Idaho students!
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Call Toll Free 1-877-278-9664 and speak with one of our Vehicle Donation Specialists – or fill out the donation form online and our specialists will give you a call.

You can help support JA by using your community rewards card when shopping at Fred Meyer!


Papa Johns Pizza

 Papa John's and Junior Achievement have formed a partnership that will help JA deliver work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy programs to local K-12 students. To help raise money for JA, Papa John's has established 3 promotion codes good for a special offer and donation to Junior Achievement: JA1, JA2, and JA4.


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Please Vote for Mentor of the Year and Educator of the Year

The Nominees for Mentor of the Year:


Michele O'Brien-Rose

Michele is a professor at the School of Business at ISU. She was pivotal in bringing Junior Achievement to Pocatello schools. She recruited mentors from ISU as well as made presentations to local rotary clubs. She mentored in 2 classrooms this year and encouraged more teachers at the school she mentored in to sign up. She has hosted and facilitated mentor trainings at ISU and is passionate about continuing the growth in the Pocatello area.

"I'd like to share a fun story from that class: At the end of one of our sessions, I overheard a student comment that due to our JA lesson, the class had missed recess. Of course I felt awful, as I didn't realize that had happened. However, another student immediately commented that it was no big deal, as JA was much better than recess! Better than recess, wow!"

Raina Delema

Raina is always ready and willing to teach a class that needs to be filled by a mentor. She went to the ends of the earth (Notus, Middleton, Nampa, Meridian) at a moment's notice, because she "loves it!" She juggled 7 classes this year, while managing her stellar Washington Trust branch in Nampa.

Kris Moses

Kris has been instrumental in helping Junior Achievement programs grow in Region 4. She has reached out to schools, mentored in Twin Falls HS and Kimberly HS and recruited Pioneer Federal Credit Union staff to mentor in schools throughout the Region.

"The program is just so amazing to be able to share with youth ages 5-18…AMAZING! My favorite part is getting the thank you letters from all my students: the coloring pages with pink flying piggy banks or statements like " thank you for teaching me how to roll in the dough & how to manage the dough!" It really shows that our time we spend in the classroom makes an impact on them for the rest of their lives!"

Bill Henrie

Bill Henrie has mentored 19 classes in the last 8 years for Junior Achievement. He mentored 70 students at Meridian Academy this year alone. Moving out of his comfort zone to work with high school students he has found it rewarding to see the impact it has made in their lives.




Educator of the Year Nominees:


David Correa

David brought Junior Achievement to all of his Homedale Middle School classes this year. Ninety of his students were involved in JA It's My Future and one hundred of his students completed the JA Job Shadow program and attended Inspire to Hire.

"My 8th grade class at Homedale Middle School has been very fortunate to have such a caring group of professionals volunteering their time and skills to come out of their way to our school. They have made a difference in our community. Overall, the Junior Achievement program embodies what we try to instill in our students—that by helping others fulfill their potential, we fulfill our own.

Thank you for all the opportunities you have made available to the Homedale youth, I look forward to many years of this partnership."

Kristine Maxwell

Kristine teaches at Meadows Valley High School and after learning about Junior Achievement from a fellow teacher, knew she wanted the programs in her classroom. She brought Junior Achievement Finance Park, Personal Finance, and Career Success into all of her classes.

"Programs like Junior Achievement have allowed students to reach exposure to experiences far beyond their usual means. Students from the small community of New Meadows have accomplished career skills that have opened doors to new opportunities and success stories of their financial future."

Andrea Scroggie

Andrea served as the School Champion for Andrus Elementary for the 2nd year in a row. If there was any difficulty communicating with a teacher from her school, she was able to help facilitate the process and ensure her school's programs were successful.

Christine Ivie

Christine embraced Junior Achievement as the principal of Heritage Academy in Jerome. She encouraged 6 teachers from her school to participate in Junior Achievement and even mentored at another charter school close by. She is excited to bring Junior Achievement to the Magic Valley and is serving on the board there.