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Loan Application, Promissory Note,  Ads, Logo Design,

Philanthropy Pledge, Job Description


2018 Job Descriptions 

Business Addresses

Business Inventory

Volunteer Assignment Form 


See JA BizTown


JA BizTown Photos (Indy)



2017-2018 Staffing Model with Breaks 


2017-2018 Staffing Model without Breaks. 


Check Register, Deposit Tickets, and Savings Check Guides

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JA BizTown Teacher Training

JABT Teacher Training Video – Part 1 (Units 1-3, Jobs)

JABT Teacher Training Video – Part 2 (Unit 4, Visit, Debriefing)

Courtesty of JA of Greater St Louis.  Please contact Dawn@jaindy.org and not the email in the Training Video.




New Pre and Post Test 2018/2019



JA Finance Park Virtual