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JA Finance Park® Virtual

JA Finance Park Virtual will provide students hands-on lessons in personal finance management. This in-school classroom-based program provides a first-hand understanding of the economic issues they will face upon high school graduation.
This authentic assessment consists of teacher-led lessons along with JA volunteer-led sessions – each offering a unique learning objective that builds on previous knowledge. When students arrive at the virtual simulation they receive a life scenario including a job, salary, and family situation to use as the basis of their simulation experience. With their "real-life avatars", they learn how to construct and adhere to a personal budget – including housing, food, savings, transportation, entertainment, healthcare, utilities, clothing, and education.
Approximately 1,400 students (7th – 12th grade) will participate in JA Finance Park Virtual this year as they prepare to enter a world of personal, academic and financial choices. Students participating in JA Finance Park Virtual will:
  • Learn and implement personal budgeting processes
  • Understand the costs, benefits, and risks of using credit
  • Explore the benefits of saving and investing
  • Acquire an understanding of the financial markets
  • Utilize mathematical skills to guide income, spending, saving and investment decisions
  • Explore career opportunities that align with personal abilities, interests, work preferences; research the educational requirements for specific occupations

For more information contact Dawn Watson or call at 317.252.5900 ext. 3.

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  • "I can't think of a better gift for kids than to prepare them for success in the real world." - Aaron Bahe, Columbus City School Teacher

  • "I loved being the mayor of JA BizTown. I now have a good understanding of how busy business can be." - Gabbie Schneider, JA BizTown Student

  • "I loved my job as the CFO! It was so much fun. If I did this everyday it would be great!" - JA BizTown Student

  • "Kids are capable of more than we know. JA is a great way to demonstrate the real life skills they will all need." JA of Central Ohio Volunteer

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