Reports and White Papers


2018 JA Teens and College Savings Survey
In March of 2018, Junior Achievement USA and Citizens Bank | Citizens One surveyed 500 high school juniors, 500 high school seniors and 500 college freshmen to assess their understanding of saving and paying for college. The findings of that research are summarized here.


2017 Alumni Report
Junior Achievement USA conducted a survey of a scientifically valid sample of more than 700 JA Alumni. The intent of this research was to better understand the impact JA has had on the lives of the more than 100 million people who have gone through Junior Achievement programs since the organization's founding in 1919.


2017 Teens and Personal Finance Survey
The focus of the poll included teens' perceptions related to income tax rates, their understanding of 401Ks, and future income expectations.




2015 Teens & Personal Finance Survey
Junior Achievement's 2015 Teens and Personal Finance Survey, sponsored by The Allstate Foundation, reveals a surprising disconnect between teens' and parents' views around paying for college and managing money.


Are_students_prepared_for_the_workplaceAre Students Prepared for the Workplace?
Are America's schools preparing our students for work through established curriculum and partnerships with the business community? Is there an identifiable set of core knowledge, skills and attitudes that will ensure our students are prepared to face the unfamiliar challenges of the workplace? What does it actually mean for a graduating high school student to be "ready for the workplace?"


College_Planning2014 Millennials and College Planning
As debt runs deep in older Millennials' pockets, the decision to continue education past high school is no longer a given. Additionally, the ubiquity of a college education and the prevalence of online courses or alternative schooling has made the value of a college degree become increasingly more subjective. More than ever, students are having to let finances dictate their futures.


2014 Millennials and MoneyMillennials_and_Money
Becoming adults post-recession, it is no surprise that Millennials are trying to manage their money. This generation is typically more concerned with their personal wellbeing than the width of their wallets, choosing experiences of savings and career paths based on passion as opposed to stability and salary.



2014 Teens and Personal Finance Survey
Key findings of Junior Achievement's 2014 Teens and Personal Finance Survey reveal a gender gap across numerous money-related topics. Specifically, boys and girls view budgeting, college plans and anticipating future earnings in very different ways.



2014 Millennials and Social Good Survey
This generation takes social good into account in their everyday lives and looks for opportunities to volunteer in small but considerable ways. They also tend to give in order to gain something in return, whether it be contributing to the greater good or earning tangible rewards.


Tech_Evolution_survey2014 Millennial Tech Revolution
Online and offline worlds are increasingly interconnected, and Millennials are using technology in order to facilitate better, or easier, interactions. In the past five years, internet-enabled devices have transitioned from a tool to a lifeline for this generation, and though their intense relationship borders on addiction, Millennials are looking for ways to integrate technology more seamlessly into the human experience.


Millennials_and_Entepreneurship2014 Millennials and Entrepreneurship Survey
As a generation who represents eclectic tastes and delves deep into what interests them, Millennials are beginning to seek out entrepreneurial avenues to help turn their niche-interest hobbies into businessesLow risk entrepreneurship has huge appeal, as do platforms that let them feel like entrepreneurs without putting everything on the line.


Teens-and-Careers-Survey2013 Teens and Careers Survey
Today's teens want to pursue careers that will provide both financial rewards and job satisfaction. To gauge teens' perspectives on their ideal careers and what steps they will need to take to get on their desired career path, Junior Achievement USA and the ING Foundation recently conducted their 12th annual Teens & Careers Survey.


JA-Common-Core-StandardsThe Role of Common Core Standards in College & Career-Readiness Education
America's schools face unprecedented challenges to prepare students for postsecondary education and entry into the U.S. and global workforce. Discover how programs developed by JA USA directly support the goals of the Common Core State Standards Initiative at elementary, middle and high school levels to ensure students are college and career ready.


Teens_and_personal_Finance2013 Teens and Personal Finance Survey
Junior Achievement's annual Teens and Personal Finance Survey provides a snapshot of teens' behaviors and attitudes around money management. We examine how teens view the importance of effective spending, saving and budgeting—and their opinions around how well they are executing those tasks. By doing so, we gain understanding around the future financial health of our country through the lens of tomorrow's consumers.


Graduation Pathways

JA Graduation Pathways
As a complement to its focus on helping all students understand the importance of staying in school, Junior Achievement is helping to positively impact one of the biggest economic and social issues facing our country—the high school graduation rate. Read about JA's comprehensive study to develop a model focused on increasing this important metric.