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Blog - Handwritten Thank Yous - When to Send Them and Why

Not surprisingly, the day after Christmas is National Thank You Day! What seems like a lost art, this day reminds us about the importance of Thank Yous! While it's definitely important to write thank yous for gifts received, and for big events such as weddings, a new house, or new baby, we want to focus on WHEN you should send Thank Yous when you're in school and in the business world, and WHY it's still important! 


While this isn't a comprehensive list, a few times to break out the pen & stationery are when...

  • ...You receive a scholarship. At the end of your high school career and throughout college, sending thank yous when you receive scholarships can go a long way. Not only does it show that you appreciate the investment they are making in your education, they will remember you when you go to apply again for a renewal. 
  • ...After a job interview. Personalize the thank you - make sure you use their name and thank them specifically, perhaps even taking the time to note something from the interview. This will make you stand out as they continue the selection process. 
  • ...You receive a donation. If you work at a nonprofit organization or at a business that is running a project that has donations associated with it. There are so many organizations that people can give their money to, so when they pick yours, you want to make sure you appreciate it. A thank you is a great touch.
  • ...When you have specific clients. If you work in sales, events, multi-level marketing businesses, or any other industry that you have clients associated with you as a direct contact, thank them! Remember they can always do business with someone else - they don't have to pick you! Remind them with a thank you why you and your company is a good investment. 

The WHY 

Once again, there are so many reasons to write thank yous, and we could never encapsulate them all, but here are a few of our favorites. 

  • It makes you stand out. Like we touched on above, taking the time to send a handwritten thank you makes you stand out more than those who don't. Your reputation is something within your control - help keep it a good one with this habit! 
  • You'll be remembered and that might lead to another opportunity. While you may not get the job or the scholarship, standing out may allow employers to recommend you to someone who you might be a perfect fit for. 
  • It helps keep a network. Sending the occasional thank you helps people remember who you are and why they choose to do business with you and not someone else, keeping them in your network. You can also get referrals this way, leading to new clients. 
  • It can lead to a continued partnership. When your client sees a thank you come their way, this could spark an idea they want to discuss with you - this could lead to continued business as well as potential new business! 

While it's sometimes hard to find time in busy schedules to sit down and dedicate time to writing thank yous, we definitely think the pros outweigh the cons!