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Blog - Holiday Spending Saving Tips!

Two weeks from tomorrow is Chirstmas Day! We know that this time of year, regardless of what plans or holidays you celebrate, it's a time where saving money can be hard, and stretching the budget seems like a daily activity. While you're making lists, keep some of these holiday saving tips in mind (some of them you can get a headstart for next year!). 

  1. Stock up on wrapping supplies the week after Christmas. After Christmas Day, take some time and stock up on discounted wrapping paper, tape, bows, gift bags and gift tags!
  2. Purchase gift cards at places where you can get points back. Some stores will offer double points on your gift card purchases - while this won't necessarily save you money on gifts, it COULD save you money on gas, groceries, or other rewards! 
  3. Take advantage of discounts! Even though we're past the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, there are still sales going on all the time! You can also take advantage of businesses that offer BONUS bucks for gift card purchases (i.e. Buy $50 of gift cards and receive $10 free!). 
  4. Make lists. Creating lists can eliminate over-purchasing. When available, utilize delivery or pickup services as well, taking out the entire task of going into the store! 
  5. Meal plan and save the extra! Make plans to eat IN, and put the money you would have spent eating out into a present fund! 
  6. Share experiences, not things. Talk to those you usually exchange gifts with - maybe this year instead of buying them a gift, you take a walk (for free!) in your local park, or you volunteer to help them with tasks around the house. This doesn't cost you any money, but will still be meaningful to them!
  7. Shop or save throughout the year! Make it one of your New Years' resolutions to check people off your list along the way! If you're not sure what to get people until closer to the holidays, then make it a priority to take a little bit out of each paycheck and put it away - then on December 1, get your savings out and you'll be that much better off for the season! 

Holidays can be hard, but hopefully these tips will help you out! What are ways that you save money during the holiday season?