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Blog - JA's Keys to Having Fun at Work!

Today, January 28, is National Fun at Work Day! Every day can be fun at work, but how can you ensure that your employees are having fun as well? What's the line between FUN and TOO MUCH FUN? We break it down with three keys to having fun at work that any business can get started. We also want to share some of our favorite "Fun at Work" moments! 

Key 1 - - Make the fun part of your existing work!

Here at the Topeka office at JA, there are four of us and we like to compete with each other! We are starting a "Star Chart" where every time we find a new volunteer for JA, we get a star. For every personal goal we accomplish, we get a star. Not only does this motivate us to work harder and accomplish our personal and team goals, we are making the fun part of what we do for our jobs day in and day out.

Another way to incorporate fun into work is to have a fun element of a standard routine. For example, maybe you have a staff meeting weekly or monthly. Start "Staff Meeting Sweets!" where you could rotate who brings a sweet treat (or healthy if that's your preference!), to the staff meeting. This adds an element of fun to something that you already do at the workplace. 

Key 2 - - Take some time just for fun!

Whether it's a "Final Friday," a prescheduled lunch once a month, letting your employees out an hour early before the holiday weekend, having a five minute dancy party every Wednesday, or another great social time, carve out dedicated time for fun. Workplaces that have fun keep employees longer, and show more productivity amongst their employees. 

Key 3 - - Provide flexibility for your employees!

Everyone looks at fun differently. For some (like Mandy E & Torey here at JA), listening to music is vital to having fun at work. For others, it could include spending half the day on an exercise ball, or doing 10 squats with their office chair every hour on the hour! As an employer, abe flexible with your employees to make them enjoy their time at work. Let them bring in an exercise ball, listen to music, decorate their office space tastefully but in their taste. They will work harder for you becuase they are waking up every morning knowing they are coming to a FUN place to be! 

JA's Favorites!

We promised you our favorite moments, and we got em! Here are four JA staffers favorite FUN moments they've had while at JA. 

Ashley (President) - "I loved going to my first JA event in Lawrence, the Beach Ball Auction. I had heard about the seahorse races, but until you see it in live-action, words cannot do it justice!" 

Marci (Wichita District Director) - "At the JA Golf Classic, our players played golf in the cold and in a rain storm. They were all troopers and we had a great day! Also, one year we made corsages and boutonnieres for the Business Hall of Fame one year. We have great board memebers who embraced this and we all learned a new skill!" 

Torey (Marketing) - "I loved the Bowl-A-Thon weekend! It was so much fun going back and forth between two areas, and seeing all the teams have so much fun at both places!" 

Mandy E (Wichita Programming) - "I ask all the volunteers to share their experiences with me and their responses really make me happy. I love to read how people go above and beyond in their sessions teaching JA!"