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JA of Kansas Holds Statewide Strategic Planning Session

Members of the Junior Achivement of Kansas Statewide Board of Directors met Wednesday February 6 to determine future strategic themes of the statewide organization.  The session was held in the Bartlett & West office in Topeka, KS, and was facilitated by Howard Bartner, Senior Vice President of Operations, Junior Achievement USA. 

Members represent the three service areas of Junior Achievement of Kansas: Lawrence, Topeka, & Wichita. Members present at the retreat included: Noel Etzel, JETZ Service Co, Topeka; Martha Linsnser, The Trust Company of Kansas, Wichita; Gary Newberry, Ameripride Services, Topeka; Dennis Spratt, Wealth Management Group, Wichita; Scott Uhl, Bartlett & West, Topeka; Evan Wilson, Meritrust Credit Union, Wichita; and Jim Zimmerman, Capitol Federal, Topeka. 

The day included an overview of JA of Kansas benchmarks, overviews of the JA-USA strategic plan, and identifying key areas of planning at the state level, to include programming, fundraising & events, and operations. The themes determined during the session will be put into practice by the Junior Achievement of Kansas staff and district advisory boards of directors.