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Frugal Fall Fun!

As of yesterday, it's officially the first day of fall, and who isn't ready for some bonfires, sweaters, and PUMPKIN flavored everything?! 

Fall is one of the best times of year (at least for this JA writer!), but we know that sneaking up on us is the Christmas season, which oftentimes takes a chunk of your budget! Financial literacy is one of our three pillars, so here are few ways to have frugal fun this fall! Fall frugal fun, say that five times fast! 

  1. Attend a festival and / or craft show! These happen all over, and usually the admission is free! While you would have to pay for any treasures you take home and food / drink, it's fun to walk around in the weather and enjoy the window (or sidewalk booth) shopping! 
  2. Football! Tis the season for touchdowns and tailgates. Attend a football game at a local high school. The tickets are usually very affordable, and oftentimes you can take advantage of canned food drives at games or giving back in other ways. Tickets still out of your budget? Tailgating is definitely another option! Join a few friends, split the cost of food, and have fun outside the game. 
  3. Carving pumpkins! Pumpkins are very affordable at the grocery store, and you probably already have a knife in your kitchen! Pumpkin carving is super fun, and very much a fall activity!
  4. Bonfires! Get a few friends together, and have a bonfire in your backyard. Bonus if you get some marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate and roast some s'mores!
  5. Go on a walk! The weather in the fall is beautiful! Explore your local community by walking on a nature trail on in a park. The best part? It's completely free! 
  6. Ghost tours. Fall is a spooky time of year, so what a better way than to celebrate with a ghost tour of your city? Head to your local library to find the spookiest tales of your city, and then make your own walking tour of those landmarks! 
  7. Leaf activities! Crunch some leaves as you're walking, make a big pile of leaves and jump in them, or hunt for the prettiest ones to put in picture frames for your fall decorations! The falling foilage and beautiful colors create free fun for you.
  8. Camping! Enjoy the outdoor weather before it gets too cold with a tent, ghost stories, snacks, friends, and blankets. You can go to a lake or campsite, OR just have fun in your own yard. 

There are a few ideas for frugal fall fun this year! What are your favorite fall activities?? 

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