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Tips on Working a Part-Time Job While Attending School

We're about three weeks out from the start of the school year! Students all over the state are starting school supply shopping, getting new clothes and shoes, and soaking up the last weeks of not having to set their alarm clock! 

Many high school and college students alike also take this time to determine if they're going to work a part-time job while in school. While it's a decision that is unique to each student, here are five tips for the student that chooses to work while in school. 

  1. Select a job that has long-term possibility. Instead of working a seasonal position, consider a job with a company that you could work at for the length of your schooling. Not only does this lead to potential promotion, leadership opportunities, and pay raises, but it also will look good on a resume to show loyalty and longevity to a company at a young age. 
  2. Work in your field. Do you know what you want to do for a living? Work at a job that ties into your future career. This can lead to connections you may use when looking for a place to start your career.  Learning about skills in the classroom and then having the ability to expand and put those skills into practice at a part-time job already gives you a head start.
  3. Put the income toward a goal. With a part-time job comes income, and for some, could be the first real paycheck you've earned. While it's definitely important to treat yourself from time to time, put the income toward a goal. Maybe the goal is to pay off bills every month without your parents help, maybe that goal is starting a savings account for college. Whatever it is, knowing your money is going toward an end result will motivate you to work harder to earn that money. 
  4. Schedule it all out. When you take on a part-time job, your schedule will certainly fill up faster. With classes and work, make sure you're planning it all out. That can be digitally with a tool like Google calendar, or the good old fashioned way - with pen and paper. It's important to still (try) to get enough sleep, and schedule in time when you know you'll need extra hours to study for that big test. 
  5. Discuss your schedule with your boss. Work what you're able to work while still making school a priority. Knowing your schedule at school can help you with work and vice versa. Keep the line of communication with your supervisor open about if you want more or less hours. 

While this is not an extensive list, those are five tips that will help you balance a work life and your school life together. Good luck! 

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