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Blog - How National Hot Dog Day Translates to Business Ownership

It's National Hot Dog Day on Wednesday July 18! To celebrate (other than eating hot dogs of course), we're going to chat about our 4th grade program, Our Region!

This program takes fourth graders on a journey of business ownership. By the end of the five sessions, students will learn: 

  • Traits it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • Notable entrepreneurs 
  • Creating a business using natural, capital & human resources found in their region 
  • Profit & loss 
  • Problem solving within a business
  • How a supply chain works 

So, how does this all tie into hot dogs? Well, the profit and loss area of this program makes the students the owners of a hot dog stand. Using hypothetical situations based on the roll of a dice, students learn how decisions about supplies, price, advertising, and customer service affect how much money a business makes or loses.  While the situations are hypothetical, the thought processes and understanding that takes place while students are "owners" of their own Hot Dog Stand is very real. 

This year, take National Hot Dog Day as an opportunity to teach your kids about business ownership! 

  • Do you think it'd be fun to have a hot dog stand? 
  • What qualities do you think you'd need to run a hot dog stand? 
  • What equipment do you need to run a hot dog stand?
  • How would you advertise your business?
  • How much would you charge for your hot dogs?
  • Would you serve anything else with your hot dogs?