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Blog - News from JA-USA!

Each year, Junior Achievement hosts the JA National Student Leadership Summit (NSLS) in Washington, D.C. Our  JA-USA President, Jack Kosakowski, give us a wrapup of the 2018 event in this week's blog post. 

Last week, I had the great pleasure to witness some of the best and brightest JA students as part of the JA National Student Leadership Summit (NSLS) in Washington, DC. This pinnacle event brought together 15 JA student companies represented by 72 students in our nation’s capital for three days of high-impact JA experiences. 

Thanks to our generous sponsors, the NSLS featured the JA Company of the Year powered by The Hartford, the Delta Social Impact Award, the EY Innovation Award, the FedEx Access Award, and the ICE NYSE Foundation Best Financial Performance Award. The students were incredibly impressive, and were great ambassadors for JA during the JA Entrepreneurship Expo on Capitol Hill, which was well attended by Congressional Staffers, and at Georgetown University, where they interacted with judges who represented some of the most important business, government and nonprofit institutions in the country.

The award recipients for this year’s summit are:

JA Company of the Year Award

  • Beelieve Inc. from JA of East Central Ohio (1st Place)
  • DEFY from JA of the Chisholm Trail (2nd Place)
  • Silicube from JA of Northern California (3rd Place)

Delta Social Impact Award

  • Beelieve Inc. from JA of East Central Ohio

EY Innovation Award

  • DEFY from JA of the Chisholm Trail

FedEx Access Award

  • BlockchainGirls from JA of Southern California

ICE NYSE Foundation Best Financial Performance Award

  • Pocket Perks from JA of the Upper Midwest

Jim Sweeny Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence

  • Eric Lin from JA of Southeast Texas

Finally, it’s important to recognize the other teams and JA Areas who were selected to participate in this year’s summit.

  • Alchemy Apparel – JA of Northern New England
  • Alpha Solutions – JA of South Florida
  • Chesapeake Charms – JA of Central Maryland
  • Grater Paper – JA of Southeast Texas
  • NuCool – JA of South Florida
  • ONZ – JA of Central Texas
  • Platform 21 – JA of Chicago
  • Shoebox Events – JA of Georgia
  • Solupal – JA of the Upper Midwest
  • Zen5ations – JA of Southeastern Pennsylvania

I have no doubt these students had life-changing experiences last week. Thank you to all JA Areas supporting the JA Company Program and the JA National Student Leadership Summit. You are making a profound difference in the lives of our young people.3