Inspirational stories from local students, alum,volunteers, and educators

"One of the students recognized me at my job months later and told me how much fun he had. His mom thanked me for giving him something enjoyable in school. It was an amazing and fulfilling experience and I hope to get another opportunity to volunteer for JA."

"The greatest part of the day is learning so much about yourself while interacting with bright young students. I left with a fulfilled feeling and wanting to be more enriched and engaged."

"As a woman in engineering, I really liked the focus on STEM in the lessons. All of the students appeared to be genuinely interested in the topics presented. I was particularly encouraged to see the motivation from the young girls. I am hopeful to have been a positive role model for them."

"What I liked best about JA is that they let us design our own businesses and advertise it. I liked doing this because it was fun to be creative."

"It allows me to experience what I hope to be doing years to come, to be a teacher, I love working with students younger than me, and volunteering with JA was simply a lot of fun. The students had a fun time and enjoyed us coming into their class. The teacher was very nice and helped us out when it seemed like we needed it."

"I really like the fact that our students have the opportunity to work with members of the community. The students really enjoyed listening and learning. JA is great because the students get to learn aboutlife skills that they can use. The hands on activities, discussions, and games are enjoyed by all the students. The skills they learn our ones that are in our third grade standards. Our volunteer, Ms. O was awesome and the students enjoyed working with her."

"I liked best that it refreshed my brain about social studies. Another thing I liked best was that I learned what an entrepreneur was. The last thing I like best is that I learned what an opportunity cost is again. That is what I liked best about JA!"

"I absolutely love the practical knowledge to compliment the school lessons that JA offers. It's one thing to study history, it's another to learn why we have trade embargos and how that affects our economic decisions. It's one thing to do math, it's another thing to figure out how much it costs to buy the things we need and want. JA is such a valuable opportunity, I think every student in every grade should have a JA class."