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Properties with a Purpose: Local Real Estate Group Supports JA

The Nichols & Treem Real Estate Group at Keller Williams Reality Share Their Volunteer Story

We love Junior Achievement of Maine (JA) and are so glad we connected with this special organization. Within our Real Estate group we have a program called Properties with a Purpose where we donate a portion of our sales commission to a non-profit organization. In 2018 we chose JA of Maine. 
We both were drawn to JA as both parents and businesswomen. We are trying to teach our kids good ways to save and spend money and about the hard work we put into our business. We felt it was not only important for us to contribute to JA monetarily but we also wanted to give our time to this great organization. We sponsored the 5th grade ("JA Our Nation") at Lyseth Elementary School in Portland so they could all have JA in their classrooms in spring of 2018. We ended up going in twice a week for the month of April and really got to know and establish a friendship with these kids. We were so impressed with how smart they were! The teachers shared with us that the students looked forward to our JA lessons and were genuinely excited to see us on the days we were coming in. 
Deciding to lead a JA class was both nerve wracking and exciting. Going into 5th grade classes and presenting the info in an interesting and fun way took preparation and creativity. We worked hard at keeping the kids on track and engaged throughout our hour session. It also gave us a huge appreciation for what teachers are tasked with on a daily basis.
We loved being able to get the kids excited about what we were discussing and was very impressed with their previous knowledge gained from past JA sessions at the school. We loved the energy from the kids - we hope they got as much out of it as we did. Over the summer we received a big envelope of thank you notes from all of the students. All a little different and so creative - it made our day!

Thank you to Katie and Angel for taking the time to volunteer with Portland 5th graders! If you'd like to check out and elementary classroom this school year, learn more by visiting our Volunteer Page or contact

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