Teacher Resources

Listed below are various documents (in PDF format) that will help you in preparing for your students' visit to JA BizTown. If there is anything else you need please contact Alison Welch at (901) 507-2073.

Program Overview

JA BizTown Curriculum

JA BizTown Program Overview

JA BizTown Curriculum Overview

Teacher Resources
Pre-Program Survey (aka pre-test)
- Post-Program Survey (aka post-test)
- Survey Answer Key

Job-related Documents
- Staffing Model
- Classified Ads
- Student Job Assignment (send to JABT)
- Sample Employment letter

Volunteer-related Documents
- Volunteers Needed!
- Intro to JA BizTown letter
- Why are Volunteers Necessary
- Volunteer Confirmation letter
- Volunteer Assignment form (send to JABT)

Visit-related Documents
- Parent Consent letter (send to JABT)
- Student Account Number form (send to JABT)
- On-Site Visit Reminder
- On-Site Visit Overview
- Facility Layout
- Map & Directions