JA Programs - Scope and Sequence

Junior Achievement offers a broad range of programs, from kindergarten through 12th grade. We have a set of core programs designed to follow the sequence of social studies curriculum, and several specialized programs that focus on areas such as entrepreneurship, ethics and work readiness.

The links below describe each of JA's programs and details the skills and concepts taught. The correlation of JA programs with state educational standards can be found at the bottom of the page.



The gradually increasing complexity and sequence of JA programs at the elementary school level are evident in the following chart. Ourselves, for example, is the first JA program and is usually offered at the kindergarten level.

Middle Grades

The middle grades programs build on lessons the students learned in Junior Achievement's elementary school programs and helps teens make difficult decisions about how to best prepare for their educational and professional future.


High School

As students begin to prepare for their lives outside of secondary school, they are exposed to more advanced concepts through JA's high school programs.


JA Programs Correlated to State Standards


JA Programs K-12


JA Programs K-12
JA BizTown


JA Programs K-12